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Jazell Barbie Royale Crowned Miss International Queen 2019

Jazell Barbie Royale

The USA’s Jazell Barbie Royale was crowned Miss International Queen 2019 on Friday night, March 8, in a contest billed as the world’s largest and most popular transgender pageant. The second and third places went to contestants from Thailand and China, respectively.

“I cannot wrap my mind around the impact on the world it would make for me to win,” said Jazell to Steven Howard, just 24 hours before winning (full interview below).

“It was hard coming here to Thailand to compete for this pageant because there was no one else in the past that has won that looks like me, there was no one in the pageant this year that looks like me, or even close.” said Miss. Royale “So, that was kind of hard and I’ve sometimes I have had my doubts, I’ve had feelings like am I wasting my time, will I be treated equally, would I even be considered the winner. But the impact it would have on me winning is I would be able to inspire so many other people out there.”

Jazell Barbie Royale from Orlando, Florida, made history on Friday by becoming the first Miss USA, as well as the first black transgender woman, to win the coveted Miss International Queen 2019 (มิสอินเตอร์เนชั่นแนลควีน 2019) in Pattaya, Thailand

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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