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Jair Bolsonaro, Donald Trump and Hitler have this in Common

Having lost popular support due to massive deaths from covid-19, Bolsonarists have resorted to the tactics of Trump cultists and Hitler to attack transgender children.

A lot of people wonder why the fascists in the United States tried a massive two-fold attack on transgender children?

It occurred to trump as he watched his insurrectionist coup d’état fail on January 6, that even more extreme measures were his only option.

So like Hitler before him, Trump railed against transgender athletes at late February CPAC fundraiser telling his cultists “Women’s Sports Got a lot of new records

After two years based on fiery speeches, folha reports, mainly on social networks, Bolsonarist deputies begin to try to put their ideas into practice and, with the support of allies in the Chamber, test the ground to embark on conservative projects.

In view of the melting of the popularity of Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), the president raised the tone of his rhetoric even further, while the allies unlocked the conservative agenda, all with the intention of animating the more radical and faithful popular base to Bolsonarism.

On the agenda are texts that transform death by “imposition of gender ideology”, the defense of the printed vote and a project that provides that home education is not a crime of intellectual abandonment.

Bolsonarist are pushing an agenda that would punish parents of transgender children with 40 to 50 years in jail. They cite the case of a child who was mutilated and murdered by a psychotic lesbian couple as the sole reason.

Looking at the athletic bills the only reason the fascists could give in the states were two black transgender athletes who rose to challenge a white runner in Connecticut. The medical bills just like Bolsonarist’s cite medical falsehoods and fear othering as the reason focusing on a tiny percentage of de-transitioners who are exploited by TERFs as the reason.

Anyone who is aware of the Transgender Day of Remembrance knows that Brazil perennially has the most murders of transgender people anywhere. This year so far Brazil already has known murders of the world’s 25898 .

Brazil with 2.37 percent of the world’s total population accounts for at least one-third of transgender murders yearly.

That fact alone should make everyone reading wonder why.

Portuguese is only spoken in Brazil and Portugal isolating Brazil and making it a dictator’s wet dream until recently with the advent of google translate and universal education, both items that the Bolsonarist agenda opposes.

As a reminder so we don’t forget history listen to Hitler and see what resulted in a world that turned its back on the most vulnerable.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender