Dozens protest with Isabella Red Cloud at Union Gospel Mission of Sioux Falls

Amid horns being sounded in support by passing motorists, Isabella Red Cloud told her supportive crew “Last week, Saturday I came here for food. I was invited by a friend I was hungry”. Red Cloud said of her experience at the Union Gospel Mission. ” I went in and wearing the same dress and I was told I couldn’t eat there until I came back dressed like a man.’

This was evidently too much and spurred an individual to cross the street and tell them that they weren’t welcomed and that they should ‘keep moving’. Another, a man in a wheelchair, came out of the mission to tell the group he supported them.

The video that prompted the outrage went viral.

Last Sunday she came to the mission for Church service but was told she wasn’t welcome there. The mission called the police who escorted her off the premises.

Isabella Red Cloud

The Union Gospel Mission of Sioux Falls,  founded by a pardoned murderer promises to give freely to all in need according to their website.

Indian Country Today reports that the organization TransAction South Dakota, says the transgender community has been seeing what they call “religious right discrimination” on a national level and locally and they are hoping Red Cloud’s story brings light to the issues the community faces.

“We are primarily just disappointed. We would like the opportunity to sit down with the folks at Union Gospel Mission, to give them the opportunity to humanize our experience more and get to know us on a personal level, “says Board member of TransAction South Dakota Kendra Heathscott

Planet Trans does not prescribe to or promote religion or atheism. However, it is our wish not to intentionally dissuade anyone from following their faith. It is in this spirit we call on the Union Gospel Mission of Sioux Falls to apologize to Isabella Red Cloud and take action to make amends. Christians in the United states are rightfully panicked over their failing churches but refuse to acknowledge why. Instead of doing the Christian thing they scapegoat and idolize money changers. They need to change their ways. That would be the truly Christian thing to do.

Red Cloud says she is glad to have taken a stand as a Native transgender woman and that her motives were unselfish. “I am not doing any of this for money or to get any kind of internet fame. This is about human rights. We are all human beings.”

Isabella has a lot in common with the mission’s founder as she was recently released after serving time. Given that this is her time of greatest need, and this “Christian” organization with their ungodly bigotry rejected her,  a fundraiser has been set up to help.

To support Isabella Red Cloud’s GoFundMe page visit it here.

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