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Is Sarah Silverman getting a penis at our expense?

Silverman dick 3
Silverman is delighted at finding the perfect gap filler.

Sara Silverman is sick of the pay gap and intends on ‘filling it’ by putting a dick where her V’Jay is. That’ll fix it according to Silverman with a little old fashioned (cis) male privilege.

The issue is the message. Silverman never once eluded to the difference in pay that transgender people make. Getting a dick might not help her too much unless she was truly trans and committed to HRT otherwise, Mr. Silverman would be to visibly trans. Making light of transsexuality, as she did in her flippant way only serves to dehumanize us.

The problem is, she’s funny as hell while she shops for the perfect European penis.
But overall, funny or Fail? That makes two in a row where I’ve posted videos that can be taken very differently.

It came to light after this was published that Silverman issued a statement that some are calling an apology.

“If I literally got a sex change I would indeed find the work force far less friendly. The video wasn’t transphobic it was transignorant–never crossed my mind. But to my unintentional credit, people are talking about it & so begins awareness. Please don’t punish this cause because of my video. I certainly don’t only fight for causes that concern or benefit me and I expect the same of the vital trans community.”

I don’t accept this as an apology. She actually pats herself on the back for upsetting us. She then chastises us and schools us on how she feels we priories our advocacy. The producers knew we react like this They pulled our chains. Silverman got the reaction she wanted and her cause is being talked about.

We’re picking up the tab for her promotion. But not because silverman is getting a penis. We’re paying because Silverman is a dick.

H/T rserven at the Daily Kos and CNN Money

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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