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Iranian women’s soccer team under fire for having men posing as trans players

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Are these eight men posing as women or are they transwomen being given a raw deal? FIFI claims they are doing “sex testing” on players.

Confusing isn’t it and a highly problematic topic for mainstream western media to cover. Who is transgender and how could we summarily judge the team members ‘real gender’ from a photo? However, that doesn’t prevent the bottom feeding media from sensationalizing the story.

Let’s get a couple facts straight. Iranian theocracy puts intense pressure on pre-op trans and gay people to get sexual reassignment surgery. It’s a risky operation when done by untrained uncaring surgeons. Many die from infection or commit suicide from social condemnation afterwards. It is the government’s final solution for LGBT people. It is highly unlikely the government would ever allow a pre-op trans person to play international sports, let alone eight.

Unless they thought they could get away with it. But they just got caught with 4 cisgender men on the team last year!

It’s unplausible and borderline unbelievable that Iran has Eight world-class transgender soccer players who just happen to be pre-transition.

In 2011 two players were suspended for ‘pinching’ and patting anothet player on the butt.

An educated guess would be that Iran cheated like they did last year and figured the world would let them slide given that we are politically correct and care about trans lives.

I love the Young Turks, but they really need a trans101.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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