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Interview with Tammy Twotone about her day on GLEE’s 200 trans person choir

Tammy Glee
Tammy Twotone posted this picture of herself in the choir on facebook.

Most people who have read me know that I am skeptical about what motivates the large mainly gay and lesbian outfits. Take Glee and their transface for example, or GLAAD and their connection with RuPaul. So watching the GLEE “Transitioning” geek peep I thinking, those bright shiny faces, those are our trans community?

Then I recalled a serendipitous question fielded by GLAAD at their last online town hall as reported on by Claire-Renee Kohner:

…[one] question was directed towards comments Zeke Stokes made earlier in the meeting. “Zeke mentioned that GLAAD is taking an initiative to educate the public about people who are transgender. [especially in this moment of media and entertainment exposure and interest] Can he elaborate on how GLAAD is educating the public and media?

One answer…

GLAAD played a pivotal role in contacting the 200 transgender people and inviting them onto the Hollywood movie set. That’s about as proactive as an organization can be.

I asked Tammy Twotone, a well-known transgender actress about her experiences at the shoot.

Cynical Kelli: How did you feel, getting the call?

Tammy “I can tell you that I was shocked when I got the call. I do countless auditions, but rarely get a follow-up.”

Cynical Kelli: EP/Director Dante Di Loreto said in the preview that he wanted the public to realize that ‘hey they (transgender people) looked just like me.” That’s troubling because it sets up unreasonable expectations because, in fact, many of us don’t look just like cis people. Did you see any positioning of the choir?

Tammy: “The only positioning that went on during the shoot had to do with height and costume. Short in front, taller in the back. Several people did not wear appropriately colored clothing -they wanted muted colors. You’ll notice some have sweaters on. They wore colors they were too vibrant.”

“The only other staging were the people who were around the coach in the group shot. The director chose what he thought were interesting looking people.”

Cynical Kelli: Was the entire choir trans? Were there many Trans 100 awardees there?

“Except for the actual GLEE cast, everyone there was trans. I don’t follow the Trans 100. So, I have no idea who might have been on that list.”

Cynical Kelli: Did you guys actually sing? That was very good!

Tammy: “We did sing. We also did some lip syncing.”

Not so cynical Kelli: What moment really stood out for you?

Tammy: “One of the things you don’t know is that at the end of a very long shoot, Dot Marie Jones stood on the stage and thanked everyone who participated in that scene. She spoke about how honored she was to be part of it, and how amazing it was to be surrounded by so many members of the trans community. She expressed her hopes that she had done justice to the community and had helped in some small way. Like I said, earlier, she was brought to tears. And, she wasn’t the only one.”

Emotional thankful Kelli: I have tears in my eyes. Looking at these powerful amazing trans sisters and brothers I’m so thankful for you. Tranz on sisters and brothers!

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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