Intersex no clear protocols on treatment: the story of Sean Saifa Wall

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In an amazing set of three videos, we are first introduced to what being Intersex means.

In the second video, we are introduced to Sean Saifa Wall, a man born with an intersex condition.

The third video we watch as Sean confronts the doctor who operated on him before he had a say, incorrectly altering his genitalia.

Meet Sean Saifa M. Wall, San Francisco.

Sean Saifa M. Wall, San Francisco from Carlos Motta on Vimeo.

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Sean Saifa Wall is advocating for intersex rights as president of the board of Advocates For Informed Choice (AIC).

From the AIC blog post “Confronting Goliath Without a Stone” “To my intersex friends and comrades, Despite the lack of empathy expressed by Dr. Terry Hensle, Wednesday night was a victory for both myself and our movement. The medical community needs to know and understand that these “corrective” measures against people born with atypical male and female anatomy are not only stigmatizing, but harmful. We must continue to hold the medical community accountable for the trauma they have visited upon this community, both historically and at present. Our bodies are not shameful! We deserve our dignity! No more genital mutilation of intersex children and adults! And I will continue to advocate and fight for these things until it’s done.” ~ Sean Saifa Wall

Justice for MC

By performing this needless surgery, the state and doctors told M.C. that he was not acceptable or loveable the way he was born.” –Pam Crawford, Mother of M.C

The AIC filed a lawsuit on behalf of M.C,

Source Harvard Law Blog M.C.’s lawsuit–supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others–brought § 1983 claims against all defendants, alleging that they violated substantive and procedural due process rights guaranteed to M.C. by the 14th Amendment. It also charged that that the doctors committed medical malpractice by failing to obtain adequate informed consent before proceeding. The District Court for the District of South Carolina denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss and rejected their defense of qualified immunity.

Then, on January 26, 2015, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit reversed and remanded with instructions to dismiss the complaint. The Fourth Circuit stated that it did not “mean to diminish the severe harm that M.C. claims to have suffered” but that a reasonable official in 2006 did not have fair warning from then-existing precedent that performing sex assignment surgery on sixteen-month-old M.C. violated a clearly established constitutional right.

M.C. filed separate suits in state court asserting state law claims against the defendants. I will be watching with interest to see how those are resolved.

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