Indy Trans woman Sara Blackwood Murdered Walking Home from Work

Sara Blackwood
Sara Blackwood
Sara Blackwood / FaceBook

Transgender woman Sara Blackwood was shot and killed while walking home from her shift at an Indianapolis Long John Silver’s Sunday evening.

*Update throughout* A friend of the family corrected us about her last name and offered this about Sara:

“Last night, Sara Blackwood was walking home when she was shot and killed. The homicide detectives have not told Avery much about what happened exactly, so they don’t know for sure.”
“What they do know, is that Sara was shot, and alive at the scene. However, she died during emergency surgery at the hospital. This is the extent of Avery’s knowledge on what happened.”
“I am writing this on behalf of Avery Ellis Blackwood, to make this devastating situation a little easier for them by not having to repeat the news over and over again.”

Sara had been in a long term domestic partnership with Avery Ellis Blackwood.

CBS 4 originally reported her murder as that of a man, as per the Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD) on Sunday. This morning CBS 4 news updated their original article after receiving a confirmation from the IMPD that the victim was a transgender woman.

And this morning friends of hers from Indianapolis told Planet Trans that her name was Sara Blackwood and that she was a shy trans woman who loved anime whom they said wasn’t on social media very much.

Sara Blackwood
The Long John Silver’s where Sara Blackwood was last seen.

There is a Long John Silver at 3301 E Washington Street, According to the Long John Silver’s website, it closes at 8 pm and doesn’t have a dine-in option yet.

The phone for that store has been disconnected.

Supposing that Sara worked in the kitchen and left after cleaning up she could have easily walked the 15 mins to the 2500 block of East Washington St where she was murdered,

Anyone with additional information please call IMPD at 317-327-3811 or 911.

Sara Blackwood
Sara Blackwood / Facebook

From CBS 4 :

UPDATE (Oct. 12, 2020)– According to friends of the victim and confirmed by IMPD, the victim in this shooting was a transgender woman. The coroner has not released the identity with us yet. The previous story has been updated to reflect this.

Our initial reporting of the victim being an adult male came from information released by police.

Previous story:

INDIANAPOLIS — A shooting on Indy’s near east side left one person dead Sunday, adding to an already violent Sunday in Indianapolis.

According to police, the shooting occurred in the 2500 block of E. Washington Street at around 10 p.m.

The victim, a woman, was taken to an area hospital in critical condition and later died from her injuries, police said.

At this time, no other details have been released as the investigation is active and ongoing.

Rest in Peace Sara Blackwood

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Kim Shelton
    There’s a very sad vibe at the Linwood Square Kroger because of Sara’s murder.
    Its still such a shock.

  2. RIP Sara so sorry this happened to you, I believe this was definitely a hate crime ???❤️. I’ll miss seeing you at Kroger’s
    Prayers up for family & friends.

  3. Sara also worked at the Kroger close to my house. She was always friendly to the customers, efficient at her job of cashier & always right there if a customer needed help on the DIY registers. Everyone working at Kroger and we the customers always thought highly of her.
    It still doesn’t seem real.

  4. Hi Kelli,

    What a sad story … I read some articles about Sara and as lot of people, it’s hard to understand that situation …

    All my thoughts are for her family. I hope for them that they will have answers now. This is the most important thing to accept the fact …

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. Rip Sara blackwood it’s so sad u were shy but cool as hell I remember her from Kroger’s fly high beautiful because of this I bet u there will be so more to come out because if Sara and I love it…

  6. Rip Sara you meant the world to us you was an amazing person this one is going to be hard to get over why her out of all people she did no wrong I hope and pray they find the person that did this to her I and sorry I could not be there to help you ?

  7. My husband and I loved Sara. We watched her become a woman. She was such a sweet hardworking person. Our entire family is devastated.
    My son wants to help with the investigation anyway he can.
    Sara you were more appreciated and loved than you will even know. She is greatly missed by her east side community! ?

  8. Sara was a very nice also talking with anyone who went into kroger. Miss but not forgotten rest in peace sera. Please let me know f arrg pleade

  9. This is very saf news to hear, Sara worked at Kroger just up on 10th street. And I have shopped there for many years, Sara was always sweet to me and my family. She was always helpful, caring and watm…. it brakes my heart that this has happened to someone with a great soul. I really hope who ever is behind the lost of Sara is found and punished for what they have taken away from those of us who loved Sara and her beautiful personality……Justice for Sara……

  10. My family and I were devastated to hear of sweet Sara’s passing. We enjoyed interacting with her at our local Linwood Kroger when she worked there. She was super helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and seemed to always be working damn hard. To all her friends and family, me and mine are keeping you close in our hearts and minds while you navigate this devastating and unimaginable loss. Please know that Sara has had such a positive impact within her community, that we all mourn with you and would like to support you any way we can. The Bosart Brown, Emerson Heights, Little Flower, and Irvington communities are waiting to hear how we can contribute to any requests for assistance so that we might show our respects to such a beautiful soul who helped so many of us in her lifetime.
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out when/if you’re ready.

  11. So very sorry that this has happened to this young person,that was doing absolutely nothing but trying to get home after work.I further more think this should be considered a hate crime and hope that all parties responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.Something has to be done about innocent people loosing their lives.

  12. This is just so heartbreaking I cannot believe something this tragic would happen to such a sweetheart I love Sarah I enjoyed shopping at Krogers at Linwood because I knew she was there and she was always happy had a smile on her face and eager to help and loved her job unfortunately circumstances would have it that she had to get another job at Long John Silver’s she will be missed dearly Gone Too Soon rest in peace honey you will be missed I hope and pray to God they find the person responsible for this horrific crime my heart goes out to her friends and family

  13. My husband and I knew Sara from Kroger. She was always so nice, I always made a point to talk to her, she seemed so shy. I was just asking him not too long ago if he had seen her lately since I hadn’t. I am so sorry to see this article and send condolences to family and friends. May her love always shine in your hearts. ?

  14. This breaks my heart.
    I used to say hello to her all the time when she
    worked at Kroger. But I never thought something like this
    would happen.

    Rest in Power, Sara.
    We will not stand down.

  15. Absolute bullshit!!! We shopped at the Kroger where Sara worked and she as always so nice. Possibly the nicest person there.

    Rip Sara

  16. Oh dear Lord in heaven, I’m sick in my heart about this. Sara was “always” the nicest employee at Kroger. Though I didn’t know her personally, I felt like I did. She didn’t deserve this, my heart is broken. If possible, I’d like to be informed of her funeral services. I know of others who would as well.

    God forgive me…A curse be upon her killers, the rat bastards.?

  17. Rest Peacefully Sara. It was always one good thing about seeing you at Kroger, and I saw you wearing your LJS uniform a few weeks back and wondered if you got a new job. Fly High <3

  18. Trans lives matter
    More and more murder each year we losing
    Our rights more and more I wonder how many go unsolved
    Each year

  19. God rest her soul. This shit has got to stop somewhere.
    Question is, fo we wait to see what comes out of the Video administration?, or does TransLives Matter need to press much harder, a scream it much louder?
    Or ???? What???
    So many hypocrites out there, so many ignorant hypocrites.
    It’s way past time for Americans to wrap they’re small murdering minds around the genetic bases for LGBTQ+ folks.
    Wake the F*@k up, it’s nearly 2021. This goes for law enforcement too in my opinion. You ( police) signed up on your own free will to serve and protect. You were/ did agree(ing) to protect everyone. And Everyone means everyone. Yet the news wires are more and more reporting blatant deadnaming, and in some cases not even responding at all.
    It’s so heartwrenching, that someone like her came through so very much on every level of her humanity, only to have it all stolen from her, because someone else didn’t like her genetic unchosen design. Such a person could only be dead inside while they live. Pathetic.


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