Indonesian Transgender woman burned alive



Mira, a transgender woman was tortured and burned alive on Saturday in Cilincing, northern Jakarta.

Yuni, a 48-year-old activist at transgender advocacy group Yayasan Srikandi Sejati who was also Mira’s friend told the Jakarta Tribune news that a truck driver told neighbors that Mira had stolen his wallet and phone.

He then broke into her apartment, but Mira wasn’t there, and after searching couldn’t find either item.

Shortly after, the driver returned with five gang members who approached Mira. Vice reports that Orin, Mira’s friend who was with her during the incident, the men worked as the area’s unofficial “security guards.”

The gang beat her but she insisted that she was innocent’

“[One of the gang members] told Mira, ‘Will you confess? If not, I will burn you,’” Orin told The Jakarta Post. Another gang member then poured two litres of gasoline on Mira and set her on fire. While still on fire, Mira ran to her home, where she was spotted by her neighbors and taken to a hospital.

Mira died at the Koja hospital on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

“That’s right (the transperson was burned),” said the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cilincing Sector Police, AKP Bryan Rio Wicaksono when contacted by Jawa Pos Monday.

Nevertheless, Bryan has not detailed the case. He also has not confirmed that the perpetrators have been arrested. “For the time being they are still in pursuit of the perpetrators,” he added.

On Tuesday, April 7, police announced that they detained a number of the perpetrators, but they did not disclose how many suspects were being pursued. In a press release, the human rights group Sandya Institute revealed that two of the five perpetrators had been caught.

Please call the Cilincing police station, asking the officers there to make sure that they arrest the remaining three suspects. Phone number is +62-21-4404640 on Jalan Sungai Landak, Jakarta 14120

This case adds to a long list of crimes against Indonesia’s trans community. According to a report by the LGBTQ non-governmental organization Arus Pelangi, 1,859 cases of persecution against transgender individuals were left unsolved between 2006 and 2018. This includes the shooting of eight transgender women in a Jakarta park in 2011

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