Indigent Ukranian protests against Russian style anti LGBT laws erupts into violence


Breaking: Ukrainian protesters demanding a end to new Russian oppresion and LGBT propaganda laws. #euromaidan #ukraine #Kyiv Transgender and the rest of the LGB community in Ukraine lives rest on the outcome of these protests after the goverment sold out to Gazprom, Russia’s tool for oppression and imprisonment of bordering countries.

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potatogedoRT @zaytsev_eng More photo by #kommersant from the center of #Kiev after 30000 people opposition rally (#Ukraine)

lyalyaHorskyRT @MaximEristavi The crowd at the standoff looks bigger than the protest inside the barricaded #EuroMaidan pic via @euromaidanhttp://t.c…

lterrenesRT @RKacinskas News: #Ukraines police use tear gas against #euromaidan protesters who demand to revoke harsh anti-protest laws. http://t.…

tora3xRT @BuzzFeedNews Protesters, police clash in Ukraines capital

FroodyWiscoRT @BSpringnote Foto of #euromaidan. All those ppl are in contempt of Yaniks new assembly and protest law. Jail? Lets c Yanik try http:/…

JozeBiscakRT @ChristopherJM Remnants of smoke canister thrown by police at protesters. #kyiv #ukraine #euromaidan

enrsamaRT @electionista Opposition leader @Klitschko sprayed with a powder fire extinguisher during #Kiev rally http://t.c…

d_poRT @gkates A better shot of the police bus on fire from @radiosvobodafeed #euromaidan

CrispyPuppetRT @RT_com PHOTO: Riot police bus engulfed in flames in #Kiev via @lb_ua LATEST UPDATES:

newsgonPHOTO / Fires in central #Kiev break out as buses are set alight and protesters clash with riot police. #Ukraine

dhdfisherRT @MaximEristavi A police bus on fire, in 600 meters from #Ukraines parliament pic by @aronets #Euromaidan

Neferure1RT @RFERL A police bus set on fire in standoff near gov. quarter #euromaidan

mclayfieldRT @markmackinnon Photo of Ukraine opposition leader Vitali @Klitschko after he was reportedly sprayed with a fire extinguisher: http://t.…

PzFeed: Ukraine opposition leader Vitali @Klitschko after he was reportedly sprayed with a fire extinguisher. Via @nycjim

Asher_WolfRT @ChristopherJM Protesters, police clashing on Hrushevskoho. 20+ smoke bombs thrown by police. Protesters throwing objects. #ukraine htt…

grace8mingRT @ChristopherJM Protesters have taken over at least 3 police buses, one is burning. Clashes continue. #euromaidan #ukraine…

EastOfBrusselsRT @VitaliiSediuk gas, stones and bus on fire #Euromaidan

2021RT @maxseddon Protesters in Kiev set a police bus on fire, reportedly with Molotov cocktails. Pic via @lb_ua

IndyradmamaRT @Yaro_RT Firecrackers thrown at the police in Kiev via @lb_ua

joshuafoustRT @RFERL From livestream of Kyiv standoff between police and protesters now #euromaidan

Andriy_KhomaRT @MaximEristavi Flairs, gas everywhere. Some are chanting Revolution! #Euromaidan #Kyiv

kaatje36RT @nycjim Dramatic live stream of #Ukraine protesters clashing with riot police in #Kiev

katalin_potaRT @RT_com PHOTO: Protesters clash with police in Kiev after 10k took to streets for anti-govt rally…

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