Indie Wire: Matt Bomer’s “Anything” is “Offensive”

Anything is offensive
anything is offensive
when much to the amusement of white guests Bomer is asked what he does for a living. Yeah. Fun for the whole family, except us.

Matt Bomer’s “Anything”  opened to limited audiences Friday amid calls for a boycott from the LGBT community.

“…“Anything” might have been a halfway decent movie with a transgender actress in the role.” writes Indie Wire’s Jude Dry in a scathing to the point review.

That’s the crux of our issue with Anything. It’s not that it relied on a very tired trope of a trans sex worker but that a cisgender man played the part when so talented trans actresses (who went unemployed) could have brought a sense of realism and humanity to the role.

“Anything”: Cringeworthy embarrassingly bad transface

Anything doesn’t bring anything new to society. By pre-casting a cisgender man the producers put at least one more transgender woman in a position of financial hardship, possibly leaving her no option than highly dangerous sex work.

Hyperbolic? Yeah because working trans women have never been brutally murdered. Yeah and because mainstream reviewers respect and understand the transgender community and write out of a sense of social obligation (and not money).

And for real. In the day of Trump do we need to make it any harder on transgender people?

The lone non-cisgender producer/consultant on set balks at being identified as transgender and believes the LGBT community lives in an “alternative lifestyle”.

anything is offensiveRotton Tomatoes has given Anything a mixture with some cis critics rating it fresh while only judging the acting, while others with an understanding the social implications and the big picture giving it splats.
imdb rated it lower with a 5.8 and hasn’t reported its box office revenues yet.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I’ve only seen the trailer of this movie, but from what I can tell it really comes off to me as another typical ” you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” kind of movie involving and trans woman.
    I can’t say there is a fresh idea behind the story here. As for casting a cis man to play the part of the trans woman in this movie goes, I have to agree wholeheartedly with this Planet Transgender article 100%. A real Transgender women would have done a far better job playing this role. Hollywood movie makers have been casting cis men to play the role of trans women in nearly every movie made that has a trans woman part in it. From Rocky Horror picture show to Better than Chocolate and on and on it’s gone. Come on Hollywood, wake up already!! It’s 2018. There’s so many truly talented and amazing Transgender actresses and actors out there. Give’em a chance, you won’t be disappointed.


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