Cover up: Indian Soldiers beat and rape a Trans Woman

Secunderabad Parade Grounds
Photos of the victim posted to social media
Secunderabad Parade Grounds
Photos of the victim posted to social media

Soldiers stationed at India’s Secunderabad Parade Grounds (Map) are accused of rape and assault of a transgender woman after allegedly kidnapping her the evening of Saturday, July 8th, 2017.

According to The News Minute, the attack would have gone unnoticed if it were not for social media. A similar attack occurred two years ago at the Secunderabad’s Parade Grounds and like this one there is scant record of it on the internet.

Secunderabad's Parade Grounds

The victim was able to momentarily break free from the rapists and summon a police patrol car. The police didn’t try to intervene instead begun to record it on their phones. The soldiers took their phones from the officers and broke them. According to Hyderabad-based a transgender rights activist Rachana Mudraboyina, the police do not care about violence against the transgender community and routinely refuse to take reports of it.

After receiving medical treatment, the transgender woman on Sunday went to the Begumpet police station to lodge a complaint. Police, however, did not lodge a FIR (First Incident Report).

“It is an Army area and the victim was not supposed to enter that area. We are enquiring into the incident. Only after that we will register a case. The area comes under Army jurisdiction so we can do very little,” G Jagan, inspector of Begumpet police station told Times of India (ToI).

The victims maintains that she was bodily kidnapped by the soilders, dragged onto army controlled area where they assumed they could act with impunity.

The cover up ended when silence is broken and the victim now has a chance for justice.

However, when the attack was shown on local TV channels and uploaded on social media, police then said that they will investigate into the case. “Initially they came with an oral complaint. Now, police will lodge a FIR. We will start investigations,” said B Sumathi, deputy commissioner of police (north zone).

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