Indian and Pakistani trans people revered for ages give selflessly again


Pakistan and India’s transgender community known locally as Khawaja Sira, Kinnar, Hijra, or as eunuchs are truly the angels of lore. Many from both countries live in poverty but are considered good luck when they dance and sing at marriages and births.

If their past deeds in any way mirror their present response to this humanitarian tragedy there is every reason to consider transgender presence a blessing.

Hundreds of transgender people from both counties are selflessly risking their lives and spending their last Rupee to care for the needy despite having lost their source of income. They are doing this despite having been discriminated against and recently, posters blaming them for the COVID-19 pandemic.

So it is fitting that we honor South Asia’s transgender angels now. Cisgender people need to understand that even during this time of global upheaval some things haven’t changed.

Talking to APP on Tuesday from Islamabad, Pakistan transgender activist Nayab Ali said their community is raising awareness regardless of the fear of COVID-19 and helping those in need.

She said, “We have provided 75 food packages, masks etc to our needy transgender persons recently.

The transgender community has started an awareness campaign called “CoronaLetUsLive” with the help of different organizations, she said.

Trans people are also distributing food packets to needy people amid lockdown over the COVID-19 outbreak. On March 31 around 150 trans people in Gujarat’s Surat, India distributed food packets which include-rice, pulses, sugar and tea to the needy ones. They made 1500 kits (food packets) and distributed them in slum areas. While speaking to ANI, a member of the group, Nisha said, “We had started with 200 kits but now it has gone up to around 1500. We prepare it ourselves for distribution. We used to get together for a celebration of Navratri, but it got canceled this year due to COVID-19. So, we thought of doing this instead.”

The Transgender Community in the Uttar Pradesh in northern India is Using their Savings to Feed Migrant Workers. A group of fifty are distributing food and water to the masses of day workers who were ordered home during India’s lockdown.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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