India Breaking Barriers: Transgender Woman Marries



In what is described as a first, Meghna, a transgender woman and a gentleman named Basudev from Bhubaneswar, India were married Friday in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

“I am very happy today and would like to thank Basudev for taking such a bold step to marry a transgender. People think transgender’s people can’t get married or embrace motherhood, but I am proving them wrong.,” Meghna told ANI, adding that she has the right to get married like any other women.

The beautiful bride further said that it was an arranged marriage and that she had received the marriage proposal from Basudev’s family.

The Marriage which was reported on by many of the country’s media outlets such as the hindustan times made special note that the wedding was celebrated by transgender and cisgender people alike who mingled and danced with abandon. The wedding was made possible by India’s section 377, which criminalized same-sex relationships but conversely legalized transgender people creating a special albeit troubling category of ‘third sex’.

The festivities which took place half the way around the world from the United States were overshadowed by worries concerning the ominous fascist moves by the Trump administration.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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