Incoming Congresswoman flies her Transgender Flag on First day

Transgender flag in congress

Congresswoman flies the Transgender Flag

Freshwoman Representative Jennifer Wexton(D) made history Thursday flying her family’s transgender flag in the halls of Congress. “The trans community has been under attack,” Wexton, who is an aunt to a transgender child, tells Washingtonian. “I wanted to show my solidarity because we are talking about my friends and family.”

The past few years have seen several wins for transgender individuals, including Danica Roem’s 2017 victory in a race for a Virginia General Assembly seat, which made her the first openly transgender woman to be elected to state legislature. Advocates see these gains as important steps at a time when the Trump administration’s relationship with transgender people is increasingly fraught. “From the military to schools to hospitals, the Trump-Pence White House is working overtime in an attempt to erase trans people from the public square,” Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Charlotte Clymer tells Washingtonian. “The trans flag proudly on display in the Halls of Congress is a sign to our community that we will not be erased.”

Charlotte Clymer ?️‍? Tweeted “In 1987, first-term Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, youngest of 23 women in the House, just 4 months on the job after a special election, marched alongside 200k others in D.C. for LGBTQ rights.”

“This week, as Speaker, she’ll ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in the U.S. House.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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