March in South America: The soul-rending trans slaughter continues

TW the video seen by people outside of of Salvadorcontains dysphoria inducing suffering.

A transgender woman (transvestite) named “Chaina” was shot on Saturday night (5) in Largo do Papagaio in the Caminho de Areia neighborhood, in the Cidade Baixa area, in Salvador, receiving 10 shot wounds.

According to populars, who declined to be identified, the victim would have called a man of “bofe” (a brazilian slur). The man then replied: “You will see who is the bofe”, went to the car, pulled out a gun and shot 10 times, hitting her leg, stomach and neck.

In a video sent to Bocão News WhatsApp Gobber, populars tried to help Chaina on the floor, with people mourning and mobilizing to save the woman.

A Samu team (emergency rescue team) assisted the victim and sent to the General State Hospital (HGE), where she remains in critical condition.

Chaina lives with three friends (homosexuals) in the Caminho de Areia neighborhood and is a sex worker in the region.
Source: Bocão News “Transvestite is targeted by gun shots in Largo Parrot”


TractorBrazil: On Saturday morning (05) another trans woman known as Tractor was attacked by razor strokes, at Av. Pres. Kennedy near the Tamoio club.

According to informations the woman was with her boyfriend in a bar and, after a discussion, she pulled a razor to strike him, but he quickly managed to remove the razor from her and started to hit her with it.

According to the bar patrons, the woman  is well known in the locality for dominating the prostitution points at Av. Pres. Kennedy, and selling drugs at the bar where she was.

Also according to regulars the owner of the bar had quickly sent the people out of the establishment, and closed the bar.

The woman  was helped, went to the ICU of the Emergency Relief Center, but succumbed to his injuries.

The police started an inquiry to investigate the case.

Source: O Gonçalense on line O Gonçalense on line


Brazil: The Macau Military police received a tip revealing the existence of a body in the garbage dump near the COHAB set (a neighbourhood)in Macau. The victim had two bullet punctures, one in the groin and another in the head.

The young trans woman (homosexual) was identified as Mika P. da Silva, lived in Macau and started recently working at a diner.


Units of the civil and military police were on site starting the investigation of the case.

Neary residents told police they heard several shots around 14h this Monday (07). The Mossoro ITEP (technical police unit) was actioned, and made the body’s removal to the headquarters of the agency in Mossoro.


Source: Blog do Luciano Seixas

Blog do Uraken Silva

Panorama do Alto

JohnDoeBrasil03.16Finally via FB we received the photo of a body saying it was from a trans man. No other information was given, and our efforts to contact the person who gave the info were unsuccessful so far.

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