If we don’t care for our own, no one will.

Pakistan’s transgender people are suffering like never before. They have been denied all sources of income, made homeless by their elderly Guru’s fearing infection, facing starvation and denied the medical care they so desperately need now. Yet they are heroically endeavoring to help themselves.

Look, as everyone who has had COVID-19 knows this insidious virus robs the infected of our will. Be we can not, must not, let it rob us of our goodwill.

And we can’t let it strip us of our humanity.

Tragically, Pakistan’s transgender people, left out of the government’s humanitarian relief effort are asking this very question, ‘Are we human?”

They told The Nation that they were dependent on open markets and have criticized the government for having done nothing, so far, for the vulnerable community like there’s. They are appealing to PM, CM, and the Chief justice of Pakistan to protect them from starvation.

They demanded to announce special relief package and ration for the transgender community in these testing times. They said that they were also the citizens of Pakistan and their rights should be safeguarded by the state. They questioned whether they were not human beings or citizens of the country then why they were deprived of relief and rationing in the state of Pakistan.

Yesterday Transgender activist Nayyab Ali was at the emergency response community center for the transgender community in Islamabad. She said that it will be functional in the upcoming week.

“We need 6 bunk beds, kitchen Accessories, carpet, cushions, Hygiene Accessories to establish the emergency shelter home for the transgender community in Islamabad.” Nayyab Ali wrote. “In this current pandemic situation, the transgender community is facing so many issues regarding accommodations. The community who were living with their elder TG households, now they are afraid of Covid19 and not ready to continue their support. Their health hygiene is also being compromised. We hired a house on rent for the community, now it is your turn to support our homeless.”

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