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IDAHOT 2015 The underlying trends

Trans Murders between January 2008 and December 2014.

TransRespect – Transphobia: IDAHOT 2015

TGEU, through their Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) Project, maintain perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed database and analysis of Reported Murders in the world. It is updated and published every IDAHOT and also at other periodic intervals.

The above pictorial representation depicts the Number of report Trans Murders between January 2008 and December 2014.
There are two very important points to remember here when using these figures (and they are identified in the TMM report). The first is that this table is built up only on IDENTIFIED and REPORTED murders.


Look at the illustration above and you can identify nearly all of the African continent, the Middle Eastern countries and surprisingly Norway and Finland where there has been no data reported. Large parts of the Russian, Baltic and Chinese countries appear to be doubtfully low.

So, I would argue that the figures indicated in the TMM Project are the MINIMUM figures to be applied. We have very many UNIDENTIFIED to remember and mourn than the 1731 documented. Add to that the many instances where the whole incident will go unreported due to communication, family or community suppression, and the number becomes very much larger.

The second of the issues raised in the report that has taken my eye is the number of Trans youth killed (under 20 y.o) is 131 and in the two years 5 children under the age 14 were murdered. The inclusion of those murdered who were aged between 20 and 29 years old brings the total of those murdered who were younger than 30 to 56% of all reported cases.

These are both tragic and sobering numbers. Let us not forget these people and the large number of unreported deaths around the world in our vigil and our prayers on May 17th IDAHOT 2015.

Find out more about IDAHOT 2015 at and the IDAHOT Facebook event page.

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Hi all, I am a post op Transwoman, identifying as female. I work full time in Aged Care in Melbourne and some time mid way through 2016 I will be moving to Bangkok. I am a passionate advocate for Trans rights, I fight against inequality and discrimination on all fronts. I abhor violence and discrimination based on priviledge, ethnicity, creed and colour. I am not a religious person at all, but I do have a spiritual side
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