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You talked Maddie, 7th grade Achille ISD Trans girl off the roof

I got you

Meet the girl that you saved. Each and every person who responded with outrage over the Achille ISD parents facebook posts threatening her life, you saved her life by telling her “I got you”.

You might not have known her name, or what she looked like, but that didn’t matter. Early on the family was traumatized and loved your concern, but desperately needed anonymity, and you respected that.

Dare James, god bless his heart, learned of this atrocity and took action on his site Hate Trackers thoroughly doxxing every offender. Their home, their pictures, what they posted, criminal records, and where they worked. Doxxing is serious business and must be only used when there has been clear criminal or malicious intent and only to facilitate law enforcement. That is exactly why we reposted much of this information here “Achille ISD parents plot hate crime against a preteen transgender student”.

At that point, each and every one of us showed our true colors. It wasn’t about her. It wasn’t about her name or how she appeared, It was all about bringing an end to these terroristic plans.

God bless the good people of Oklahoma who jumped in so quickly offering hugs and support to a child they didn’t know.

God Bless all of the Oklahoma and Texas Papa Bears and Momma Bears offering Free Hugs

God Bless PFLAG Oklahoma City

God bless Patsy Starke who wrote the poem Take Me Instead, Achille ISD Parents: For the Girl in Oklahoma.

God bless all the social media shares.

Then we learned her name and were given the blessing to shout her name near and far. Maddie! We are here for you.

And shout we did.

God bless L Anne Babb who started a GoFundMe A Move For Maddie with a goal of $1,500 to help the family move from Achille OK. She raised $54,000 dollars, all of which go directly to Maddie’s family and the donations continue to arrive.

God bless all of LGBT media and mainstream media who made sure justice would prevail.

The rooftop analogy.

I met this being about 10 years ago. She was ever so tiny and sweet. Eventually, I earned her trust and she began to live with me. Long story short she became a mother and had her kids taken from her. From that day forward I would find her on the rooftop whenever life became overwhelming.

It wasn’t easy or safe taking her down all those times, but I did. I’m not saying my tiny creature or Maddie have self-harm in mind when going high as they can, but they are in the last place that they can safely occupy.

I always said one thing before reaching for her. “I got you.” She still lives with me and has enriched my life with a love that I never knew before.

Watching Maddie for the first time in this video it occurred to me how similar her rooftop is to the one I retrieved my tiny mother from.

You got Maddie.

I know you got Maddie.

UPDATE: Dare James confirmed that Maddie and family have moved to a safer place using the money you donated to begin a new life.

And each and every one of you including you Maddie, are my heroes. The world feels a lot safer knowing that we got each other.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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