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I Am the T : Discovering the Diversity of Transman Worldwide

I am the T norway
Filming is set to begin in Norway in November. Then, in no specific order, the Philippines, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Lesotho, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, and Thailand.

I Am the T  is a new, upcoming documentary that will soon become a hit among transgender audience as well as the public. This documentary will reveal the lifestyle and culture of Transman around the globe. From Europe to Asia, director, Tony Zosherafatain, a Transman based in the U.S hopes that this documentary will make him and the audience understand the difference in culture and lives among the Transmen, including their different obstacle they face on a daily basis.

Tony Zosherafatain, Director “I AM THE T”

The project that started 2010 as Tony submitted this project as a proposal entitled “(Trans)forming the World: The Shape of Transgender Communities in Britain, Argentina, Australia and South Africa for the Watson Fellowship” but got rejected because of Transphobia among the panels of selection thus the project got rejected. But Tony doesn’t gave up just yet and still running this project and changed it into I AM THE T that will start production soon, that will begin at the state of Norway.

Expectations from this documentary are just for the audience to bring open mindedness towards watching the documentary in order to understand the problem that Transmen endured differently in terms of discrimination and stigmas, against religious and close minded individuals. Tony hopes this documentary also will have a lot of positive inputs among the media and let Transmen know that they are never alone and their stories deserved to be shared. He said that he also hoped that after this documentary was released at late 2017, more countries would provide and cover Trans healthcare, appoint them with basic rights in terms of security, away from harassment and discrimination.

“I am the T” participant from Malaysia discussing why top surgery is important to him. Malaysia is one country among many that does not cover gender confirming surgeries. In this video, Dorian describes how his sense of freedom is tied to feeling comfortable in his body.

Read more about the project at the Good men Project.
I am the T go fund me project has definitive goals and production plan. Please help if you can.

Jameel Rahman
I am a Transman, an art Major artist and a Fitness Trainer as well as a Trans* Activist, working closely with the Transgender community in Malaysia to challenge and fight discrimination and stigma, as well as providing education for the public about Transgenders. I do comic about my life when I'm free.


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