Hundreds Rally In Austin Against Anti-Trans Bills Still on the Books


More than a hundred transgender Texans and their allies rallied Thursday in Austin in a show of visibility. At contention are the half dozen anti-trans bills still threatening gender-diverse children. While most other states have adjourned or have enacted their laws and are in the process of being sued, Texas is holding them like the sword Damocles over adolescents’ bodies.

“We gathered to show and wave our flags,” one participant said. “and to make ourselves visible. With only 11 days left, we have to fight these hateful bills with our dying breath.”

They were indeed visible on the Capitol South steps as vehicles honked their horns in a non-stop crescendo of support. We’re rolling out the state’s largest transgender flag across from the Governor’s Mansion said the invite, bring yours and let’s let the lawmakers know that we are not going away.

NEJM: Criminalization of Gender-Affirming Care — Interfering with Essential Treatment of Transgender Adolescents

It’s not a democratic process when a state is ruled by a single party that deems a minority’s children the enemy of the state and enacts laws to demoralize and segregate these babies from birth until the age of majority.

Texas Reels under Record Number of Trans Youth Suicide Attempts These trends began to sky rocket upwards in 2017 when Texas first attemped to pass the bathroom bill.

The Texas GOP didn’t listen to the medical professionals, Family, school Teachers, and transgender children who by the thousands who testified against the 20 bills that they began the session with. Whether these hateful bills are enacted or not the damage has already been done. It’s cruel and inhuman and to top it off, unconstitutional.

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