Hundreds of LGBT activists Defy Police in Protesting for Justice for #HandeKader

Hande Kader
Hande Kader
LGBTI News Turkey / photo

The LGBT community defied the Turkish government’s ban on rallies amassing today in support of murdered transgender woman Hande Kader. Transgender activists and allies enraged over the burning death of Hande Kader jumped police barricades to rally in solidarity for the slain transgender woman. This is an incredible act of bravery since following the attempted coup earlier this year the country has suspended its human rights treaties, declared martial law and arrested 102 journalists.

Hande Kader

Nazlan Ertan article, a must read published by Hurriyet daily news begins by asking “What twisted logic enforces a hierarchy among the victims and causes us to take some victims of violence to heart but push others away? Why do we have trouble standing up for Hande, the mutilated prostitute; Aslı, the uncompromising rebel who wrote for a pro-Kurdish daily that we do not read; and R.D., the Kurdish girl raped by village guards in the southeast?”

Those who came together, in spite of a police barricade in Istanbul against transphobia, said “Trans murders are a political matter. We want to die of natural causes”.

Source: Yıldız Tar, “Hande Kader için İstanbul’da eylem: Ecelimizle ölmek istiyoruz”,, August 21, 2016, translated by LGBTI News Turkey

Reactions against trans woman Hande Kader’s murder by burning continue. Led by Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association and upon the call of LGBTI organizations, hundreds of people condemned the murder of Hande Kader and commemorated those who lost their lives due to homophobic and transphobic hate murders.

Hande Kader

“Justice for Hande, justice for all”

Those who come together in Beyoğlu Tünel against homophobia and transphobia opened the banner that reads “We won’t lose one more. Justice for Hande, justice for all”.

In the demonstration, participated in by women’s associations and many political parties as well as LGBTI organizations, slogans such as “Trans murders are political” and “Hande Kader’s here, where are the murderers?” were chanted. The names of those who lost their lives due to hate murders were announced as well.

President of Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association Ebru Kırancı and trans activist İdil Su read the press statement. The declaration demanded legal protection against hate murders, and it was stressed that transphobic hate murders were political. The declaration also commemorated those who lost their lives in the attack on a wedding in Antep yesterday.

The demonstration took place with police surrounding the participants, the participants dispersed in Istiklal Avenue, chanting slogans.

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