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Hundreds attend vigils for Luna Avril Fouad, victim of Transphobia

Justice for Luna
Background by Marlene Ducasse Instagram / Students holding placards La Voix du Nord Lille: 150 personnes entre colère et recueillement, ce soir en mémoire de Fouad

Hundreds of friends of Luna Avril Fouad attended sit-ins and a candle lite vigil Friday for their Fénelon High school classmate. Many knew her by her birth name, some as Luna and some as Avril. But they all came for the same reason to remember their dear friend, a victim of transphobia.

While we can’t be sure which name she preferred we do know that she committed suicide shortly after being ejected from class for wearing a simple denim skirt. Friends and school agree that her foster parents loved and accepted her yet the school has refused to acknowledge any culpability.

We are sharing feminist photo journalist Marlene Ducasse Instagram posts because she attended both the rally Friday morning at her school and the candlelight vigil Friday night. Marlene, an enlightened member of the LGBTQI community was told by students who attended the protest in the morning that she hadn’t chosen her feminine name.” Some who came to the vigil remembered her as Luna, a feminine name meaning moonlight.

Marlene Ducasse wrote, “High school students from Fénelon and support from all sides gathered this morning in front of the former high school of Fouad (or Luna), a trans high school student who committed suicide last Tuesday, in her home in Lille.” Transphobia kills, cissexism kills. #justicepourfouad

One person asked on Istagram “Why tag Fouad when her first name is luna?”

Marlene Ducasse answered, “Because according to her friends, her first name is Fouad, she had not yet chosen another first name.”


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“100 to 200 people present this evening (18/12), place du théâtre in Lille to remember Fouad (also known as Luna or Avril), trans high school student at Lycée Fénelon (Lille) who committed suicide on Tuesday evening.” wrote Marlene Ducasse.


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Kelli Busey
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