A lot of water has passed under the bridge since HRC called the Horse cops on us


A lot of water has passed under the bridge since HRC called the horse police on us back in 2008. They inexplicitly rode up blocking the sidewalk at our protest in Houston at the Black Tie Dinner. They nonchalantly rode up, blocked the sidewalk, and a half-hour later sauntered back in the direction from which they came. HRC denied calling them which to me was absurd since the stables were on the other side of Houston.

They just happened to appear

Phyllis Frye (now Honorable Judge Phyllis Frye), Josephine Tittsworth, Vanessa Foster, I, and others were there when cops behind us pushed and shouted to keep moving and to stay on the sidewalk or face arrest.

We were there protesting HRC’s silence over the splitting of ENDA, an act that would have offered workplace protections to LGBT people by then gay Congressman Barney Frank.

Frank split ENDA into two separate bills one for gay people which was sure to pass both democratic houses and the other for trans people which didn’t stand a chance in hell of going anywhere

I also participated and organized protests and events at HRC Black Tie events in Austin, New Orleans, and at the 2008 Dallas Black Tie Dinner.

Similar protests occurred in Chicago and D.C. in 2007, and in 2008 at HRC Fundraisers in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City and Boston., and many more.

I am proud to be a catalyst for change.

As we all know HRC mended their ways with the departure of Joe Solmonese and Chad Griffin taking the helm.
Who could forget the Southern Comfort when incoming President Chad Griffin apologized and announced HRC’s new pathway to becoming trans-inclusive?

I wrote about the protests on my Blogspot site. That article along with all of the other Blogspot posts migrated to Planet transgender.com when we moved. I took the protest post down a week or so ago. The way it was written is out of context and with our present-day situation I felt it would only serve to be divisive.

The one thing that hadn’t changed was HRC’s corporate monolithic exclusion of most trans authored blogs. They would routinely announce their sadness of trans murders sourcing mainstream media sometimes weeks after it occurred.

That was incredibly frustrating to me as editor of Planet Trans. We are one of the only remaining transgender-specific American news sources on the web. I would watch as time and again HRC supplanted us in google ranking with boardroom worthy polished news releases.

But that too may have changed. Much to my amazement, I read an article that appeared in google news by HRC which cited planet trans.

HRC Mourns Kimberly Fial, White Transgender Woman Killed in California

Hopefully, this will be a harbinger of things to come. There is no better way to engage trans people than to acknowledge their efforts in an inclusive and supportive manner.

Here’s a thank you to M Roberts They/Them HRC Communications Coordinator. They wrote this article, one of the first that I have ever shared or cited from HRC.

I had hoped that this was part of a larger effort by the Human Rights Campaign.

On September 25, 2020, M Roberts announced a collaboration with WarnerMedia on a public service campaign to lift up the voices and stories of transgender and non-binary people.

According to the HRC press Release “The campaign works to break the connection between anti-trans stigma and violence against the transgender and non-binary community by amplifying everyday stories of resilience, joy and humanity through a series of short PSAs featuring Dominique Jackson, Tori Cooper, Nakiya Lynch, Alexis Abarca, Sybastian Smith and Brandi Smith.”

“We’re proud to announce this new education campaign in collaboration with WarnerMedia. For too long, the overarching narrative about trans and non-binary people in the media, especially for Black, Latinx and trans people of color, has been a negative one. It’s time for us to dismantle that narrative and instead lift up the voices, stories and everyday lived experiences of transgender and non-binary people. With this video campaign, the Human Rights Campaign is working to break down the stigma that contributes to the often-fatal violence that transgender and non-binary people face every day. We hope that when people watch these videos, they will see themselves reflected in the humanity of these individuals.”

– Alphonso David, HRC Foundation president

In the US there have been 53 deaths so far this year. There have been at least 35 trans people violently murdered, 1 while incarcerated, 5 due to medical malfeasance, 7 suicides, and five where the cause of death is unknown.

If Trump and his fascist enablers successfully pull off this coup d’etat, and if trends continue, we will see at least a doubling of trans murders compared with the same time period while Obama was president.

We need to be a catalyst for this change.

There have been weeks this year that I have written back to back articles about trans people of color being murdered. The admins of the Trans Lives Matter TDoR list felt as I did that at times, we couldn’t catch our breath.

This must change and we as trans people, need to be a part of it to succeed.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender