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Virginia Beach Human Rights Commissioner LaKendrick Coburn El to resign

LaKendrick Coburn El
LaKendrick Coburn El spoke to WTKR News TV3 Friday night.

LaKendrick Coburn El announced his resignation Friday which he said will be explained and made effective October 31st during a special meeting of the Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission.

El, who was honored in April 2018 with a human rights award by the commission Homophobic and Transphobic statements shocked fellow commissioners and the worldwide community.

His downfall was the result of rapid-fire posts on his personal FaceBook page misrepresenting a news article about a convicted transgender sexual predator. It was obvious by the posting EL wanted to excite violence against trans people in public places.  His accompanying posts bashing gay people as sick abominations quickly went viral.

El defended those comments as his personal views and his expressing them were protected constitutionally as religious freedom and free speech. He said his personal views were his own and not indicative of his position as a Human Rights Commissioner.

“Everybody’s human rights is to be respected.” El told WTKR News TV 3. “We are to love one another, we are to show mercy and forgiveness to one another, and that’s why I am committed to resigning on October 31 at the end of the commission meeting after I share my views with my colleagues,” El said Friday. “However, I do respect the government. I respect the fact that I was appointed to this seat.”

Condemnation was swift and the demands were unified.

The Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission(VBHRC), Mayor and City Council (with the exception of one member), LGBT Life Center, HRBOR, Knight Hawks of Virginia and the Transgender Assistance Program (TAP VA) unanimously called for the immediate removal of Kenick EL from VBHRC.

Is Kenick El’s baffling vitral love/hate of LGBT people supported by his faith?

LaKendrick Coburn El was recently elevated to ‘Grand Sheik’ of the Moorish Science Temple of America known as M.S.T. of A Unity Temple No. 14 and as his faith required assumed the name Kenick El.

El in a style reminiscent of Christ’s crucifixion in a since-deleted Facebook update wrote ‘it has begun’ shortly after the fall out from his transphobic and homophobic rants began.

Moorish Temple beliefs, an offshoot of the Muslim faith do not allow LGBTQI people to be members, but by default ask members to live in peace with their neighbors.

So where did El’s anger originate and why so sudden?

Grand Sheik Kenick El cited ‘Lower-self’ as a religious reason for his anti-LGBT postings. According to Moorish American National Republic ‘Lower-self’ “breeds Hatred, Slander, Lewdness, Murders, Theft, and everything that harms.”

The Moorish Temple insists believers do not cause ‘confusion’ as El did.

The Moorish American National Republic #13 instructs followers “do not bash or go out of our way to attack any homosexuals, transgender males or females, sex benders, gay groups, ect”.

The universal declaration of human rights that El cites is password protected by Unity Temple No. 14, his place of worship. There are no expectations or guidance viewable by the public regarding LGBT people on Unity Temple No. 14 website.

The Moorish Science Temple of America has not responded with a position statement regarding Kenick El.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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