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Houston’s Non Discrimination Law Doesn’t Change A Thing says Police Chief

any man any time
The anti-equality video’s theme of “any man” couldn’t be more correct. Regardless of the outcome of the vote what they show in their video is a crime.

The anti prop 1 video in which a man follows a young girl into a bathroom has nothing to do with Houston’s non-discrimination ordinance (HERO) says Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland. HERO will be voted on November 3rd after a judge ruled validating the controversial referendum petition.

“On the face of it, that’s a crime,” Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said after viewing the anti-Prop 1 video.

Maybe now, but what if the HERO vote passes? asked Ted Oberg from ABC13

“Nothing will change about the violation of the law,” McClelland said.

No matter how Houston votes, the chief said this guy in the ad who surprises this little girl in a stall is getting cuffed.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker agreed with McClelland saying “It is illegal today to go into a place of public accommodation for the intent of committing a crime. It was illegal before, it’s going to be illegal after.”

The ACLU of Texas, the NAACP Houston Branch and over 1200 south-east Texas businesses support HERO reports

Most importantly a recent poll conducted by KPRC Houston shows that 45% of those responding support equality while 36 percent plan to vote no and 20 percent are not certain.

The TV advertisement sponsored at least in part by the owner of the Houston Texan football team owner’s $10,000 contribution has nothing to do with transgender people.

There has never been a single occasion where a transgender person used a law permitting access to public accommodations to commit a sex crime. Ever. Anywhere.

The advertisement plays to mothers fears and those who would believe this hatefulness for their own agenda. The  “Liberty” press responded with this hyperbole.

“…Men who “identify as women” or just wake up one day and call themselves, “women” will be able to demand and legally walk into women’s public restrooms, ladies health club locker rooms or a bathroom your daughter is using. Worse yet, if a place of business does not accommodate this insanity, they can be fined and sued for discrimination.”

“You must remember: This is not about discrimination – has nothing to do with it. It is about the leftists in this country with an agenda to tear down our traditions, gain access to our children and – most importantly – make Christianity and belief in one’s Faith, illegal.”

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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