Houston’s Dave Wilson and transphobic ilk Protest demanding repeal of HERO

Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson

Well, Houston’s Dave Wilson is at it again. Lying and deceiving, whipping up distrust and fear of transgender people and he say’s he’s not stopping.
Dave Wilson and his hate mongering religious crew protested at Houston city Hall Thursday delivering what he claims to be 20,00o signatures demanding a referendum to change the city’s charter effectively nullifying HERO the city’s trans-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.

Dave Wilson told KHOU 11 “The main thing it will prohibit men from going into woman’s bathrooms in all sex orientated facilities”.

Why the empathise on trans people using the bathroom? Is it because of the hundreds of convictions following HERO’s enactment, or the thousands of cases of trans people assaulting cisgender people in the restrooms before HERO’s enactment?

No, there hasn’t been a single instance of a transgender person acting inappropriately in a restroom in Houston, ever. What’s more there hasn’t been an arrest, conviction or even an allegation of a trans person acting inappropriately in a restroom, anywhere, ever!

This is just hate. Just a bunch of very hateful people attacking what they see as the weak link in the LGBT chain.

Source KHOU 11 Dave Wilson showed up at Houston City Hall Thursday with boxes of petitions he said bore the signatures of 20,000 voters calling for a referendum on a city charter amendment defining one’s gender as whatever sex was assigned at birth.

Mayor Parker say’s that’s already been tried and a federal court ruled that a city ordinance can’t be overruled by changing the city charter.

The last time Wilson tried to force a petition he turned in an insufficient number of some of which were admittedly forged by collectors who had been caught on video being instructed on how to gather invalid signatures!

This isn’t the first time Dave Wilson used deception to trick people. He won a school board seat by misleading voters into thinking he was black so they’d vote for him. Then he laughed at them for being fooled. And yet they still stand by him. Why? Because hate can bind people together like nobody’s business. And likewise hate can unravel those alliances just as quickly. When Dave Wilson fails at this last attempt those people of color behind him will get upset and begin to look for another target to hate. They will find Dave Wilson an inviting target.



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