Horrific video of Pakistani Transgender woman burned alive posted on line

An as yet unidentified transgender woman was doused with accelerants and burned alive at a cab stand at Mall Mandi Chowk on Thursday.

Gay Star News reports that she was taken to the remote location by four men who set her on fire after she fought their sexual assault.

The trans woman, whose identity, could not be ascertained, was taken to the Sahiwal DHQ Hospital to be referred to Lahore but she died before arriving in Lahore according to Dawn,com.

The Fateh Sher police have yet to register a case into the incident.

UPDATE The District Police officer has called the ‘incident’ an ‘accident’: 

The post mortem examination of the victim, dated September 2, had revealed that “severe burns” had been the cause of death.

The report had further stated that the dead body was that of a healthy “male transgender” of “average height and weight”, who had a “genital organ” missing. The post-mortem report said the deceased was “amputated or castrated”. There was nail polish on both hands. The victim’s age is reported between 35-40.

The post-mortem report said that there were no torture marks on the deceased’s body. The report also mentioned a tattoo on the right arm of the individual that read “Majid alias Qasim”.

In a handout given by the DPO to the media on Tuesday, Makan termed the incident an “accident”, stating that no one was seen throwing any chemical, petrol or any flammable material at the victim nor was the victim actually seen “running at the cab stand”, as described in earlier reports.

Makan claimed that the Crime Scene Unit did not receive a single statement from anyone saying that they had seen someone throw a flammable, chemical material or petrol at the victim.

Hospital sources say the transgender woman suffered 80% burns on her body.

Jesse Lee Pepeson allegedly from Moscow posted this comment. Click on the image to be sure you are not connected in any way with this bad actor.

The video of a transgender woman’s last breaths was posted on Facebook by Transaction Pakistan which prefaced it with a graphic content warning and “this is not the last breath of our transgender sister, who was burnt alive in Pakistan. It is the last breath of the decaying legal system and poor political…”

Be warned this is a horrifying video of a woman’s last gasps as she dies in agony.

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