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Honduran Transgender Television Personality Santiago Carbajal Murdered

Santiago Carbajal
Santiago Carbajal

Transgender woman Santiago “Santi” Carbajal founder and social influencer at the Galaxy of Santi was gunned down Friday in the streets after leaving the studio with friends. The beloved Santi, renowned for critical reporting on local issues was most famously known for extravagantly reporting on LGBTQI events and news.

Despite being committed in broad daylight in a public place police say that they don’t have any leads.

With the death of Santiago Carvajal, there are 78 people linked to the media who have been murdered since 2001 in the Central American country reports telesurtv.net

According to the non-governmental Committee for Free Expression (C-Libre), more than 90% of murders against journalists and social communicators remain unpunished and there is no investigation of the material and intellectual perpetrators.

Santiago Carbajal’ life was threatened the day before she was murdered friends said.

Santi’s last Facebook post, July 5th, the day before she was gunned down was an ‘interview’ with two ceramic LGBT toads. This creative approach was typical of the social commentator’ lighthearted response to Honduran society’s suffocating homophobia and transphobia.

In the interview, the adolescent toads, Cleotile and Teodoro, lamented about their parents who did not allow them to see their boyfriends.

In an absolutely abhorrent inhuman act of violence which one can assume was committed by the killers, a homeless ten-year-old boy was shot twelve times and left along the side of the road the same day that Santi was murdered with a note ‘For Toad’.

Police have transferred the boy to a morgue, but no one has claimed him. Police say that they have no leads in the murder of the ten-year-old boy either.

One friend sorrowfully recalling Santi’s indomitable spirit noted that she was severely beaten just last winter for her advocacy. She said that Santi would’nt cave to them while alive so the cowards resorted to the ultimate act of censorship, murder.

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