Homophobes Have A Problem With The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead has never been a show to shy away from things that a lot of television programmes would shy away from.  We’ve had people ripped to pieces by zombies, rape threats, torture, cannibalism, lesbian characters, murder, and more knives in the head then I can count.  But it would appear that the one thing that has finally pushed some fans too far is the inclusion of two gay characters.

Despite introducing a lesbian character last season, and showing her in a relationship, it’s two men in love and kissing that is ‘just going too far’.  I guess all the homophobes out there are okay with two attractive women kissing but when it’s men it’s a ‘sin’.

A number of fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment, anger and disgust over the inclusion of gay characters in the show.


Unfortunately nothing is sacred in the zombie apocalypse, how dare they show two kind and caring people in love with each other.  The bastards!


Yes, because being gay is a bigger sin then resorting to murder and cannibalism.


Now that’s just offensive.


If gay characters lost the show fans then they’re not the kind of people we want in the fandom.


Okay, any sentence that starts ‘I’m not homophobic but’ is definitely going to be homophobic.


Or, they’re just not hate filled bigots like you.


Because it was such a child friendly, wholesome family show before the gay men.
Don’t worry though guys, despite the stupid mouth breathers who felt the need to express their disgust and show off their homophobia there was also a large number of fans who found the inclusion of Aaron and Eric to be a good thing.
Well they are very similar in their eyes.
We’ll soon run out of cliffs I’m afraid.
Yes good sir, woooooooooo indeed.
Yes, but it’s hot when it’s two girls and icky when it’s men right?
Personally I hope that The Walking Dead keeps these characters around for a long while to come, have them kissing every episode.  Show them as a loving couple and really piss off the fools out there.
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