Holly Woodlawn, Muse for Lou Reed Walk on The Wild Side dies at 69


Holly Woodlawn
Holly Woodlawn, transgender star of Andy Warhol’s features died Sunday the 6th of November 2015 at the age of 69.

Born in Purto Rico in 1946 Holly Woodlawn  began her trip from Miami in 1969 naming herself after a Breakfast at Tiffanies part, and “Woodlawn” after a sign she saw on an I Love Lucy episode.  She transitioned in 1969 and began and her trip across the USA to become everyone’s darling.

Holly came from Miami FLA/ Hitchhiked her way across the USA/ Plucked her eyebrows on the way/ Shaved her legs and then he was a she …

“I was very happy when I gradually became a Warhol superstar. I felt like Elizabeth Taylor!” Woodlawn told the Guardian in 2007 “Little did I realise that not only would there be no money, but that your star would flicker for two seconds and that was it. But it was worth it, the drugs, the parties, it was fabulous. You live in a hovel, walk up five flights, scraping the rent. And then at night you go to Max’s Kansas City where Mick Jagger and Fellini and everyone’s there in the back room. And when you walked in that room, you were a STAR!”

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