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Hit and run kills brazilian trans woman Bárbara Malquimi

Bábara Malquimi
Bábara Malquimi

Bárbara Malquimi and two other trans women were walking near a street corner in Itaguaí Monday evening when a car suddenly careened towards them, apparently to avoid a crossing dog. The speeding vehicle then plowed into the group, in what appears to be an accident, fatally hitting one of them.

The deceased was identified as Bárbara Malquimi, 35 years old. But as usual with Brazilian media noticias.r7 disclosed her birth name calling her a “transvestite” while using male pronouns.

After hitting the woman the vehicle ran into a wall putting it out of commission. The driver then got out and fled the scene on foot without providing assistance to the victim. It was learned later from police that the car was stolen the day before.

A security camera from a nearby department store recorded the scene. Police experts are analyzing the video hoping to identify the fleeing perpetrator who will be charged with manslaughter for the fatal hit and run.

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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