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Historically Accurate Stonewall Film Needs Support


As much as the terrible whitewashing and trans erasure of the Hollywood version of Stonewall is a bad thing, and judging from the responses on line potentially the start of another trans/poc riot, one good thing that has come from it is the amount of people now talking about Stonewall and the real history that happened there.

The good news is, you’re not the only pones who want a historically accurate film, and one is on the way.  An independent film called ‘Happy Birthday, Marsha!’ is currently in the works and fill focus squarely on the trans women, drag queens and people of colour who actually played pivotal roles in the riots rather than fictitious white men.

Written, directed and produced by an actual trans woman of colour, Reina Gossett, and starring trans women of colour the film aims to be as historically accurate as possible and represent the people who were actually at the riots.
Directors Reina Gossett and Sasha Wortzel

In a statement released by the film makers they say;

‘We truly believe how we tell the stories of our heroes matters, so we are drawing upon our community to make this film because we have an opportunity to make a movie written, directed and produced by people living Sylvia & Marsha’s legacy through our work.  It’s been 45 years since the Stonewall rebellion yet the leading role that street queens, trans women of colour and gender non-conforming people had during the riots hasn’t received the recognition it deserves.  By making ‘Happy Birthday, Marsha!’ we are seeking to change that.’

The film has been so dedicated to be as accurate as possible that they even sent out a casting call for actual trans people of colour to audition for the film, rather than recasting them to white actors or actresses.

The casting call sent out to find actual trans women to play important role

The film is now in the stages of post production but still needs our support in order to see the project reach completion.  They are seeking donations to help them bring an accurate depiction of this massively important historical event to screens, rather than letting people be brainwashed by the trash being produced by Roland Emmerich.

Please, head over to their website and if you can donate to help the cause, and if you can’t donate then share the message with others and get them the support they rightly deserve.



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