“Her Story” gets Emmy Nomination

Her Story

her story

What can one say about #GirlsLikeUs “Her Story”, a youtube crowd-funded transgender led web series getting an Emmy Nomination alongside productions receiving major network finance and resources? You can only say one thing. It’s pretty dang good. Not just good in the usual sense but barrier breaking, first of a kind, amazing and the accolades just go on and on!

We published about Her Story September 2015 before the first episode was released. The trailer was so impressive we just knew that this was going to be huge, and we were so right.

I’ve had the great fortune to become friends with Angelica Ross and wish her and all #GirlsLikeUs the best of luck. Just not sure if Angelica needs much luck to win.

If you like Episode 1 you can watch all episodes on Youtube HERE

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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