Hate group’s threat halts reading of “I am Jazz” at Wisconson elementary school

I am Jazz

The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings.

The ‘liberty council’ a known hate group, threatened a Madison elementary school with a lawsuit if they read “I am Jazz” as  planned.
The Mount Horeb Primary Center had scheduled the Nov. 19th reading followed by a discussion to help a transgender student’s classmates understand what it means to be transgender.

Read how the town came together to hear “I Am JAZZ”

The ‘liberty council’ in an Orwellian conflation of freedom and oppression said in a statement if this story about a minority was read it would somehow infringe on teachers freedom of speech, parental rights, and religious freedoms.

The school deferred to the board since there has been no precedent set. (It’s not every day a school is threatened by a hate group)

As bad as this may be it is but a shot in a larger war by extremists intent on breaking federal law in order to satisfy their perverted interpretation of Christianity.

Madison area schools have taken the initiative to follow federal law, something that enraged local lawmakers and especially Gov. Scott Walker. Two legislators with the blessing of Walker have introduced laws which would require schools to designate public accommodations gender specific in accordance to one’s genitalia.

Leia Esser, director of student physical, mental and behavioral health for the school district, told Madison.com Wednesday that the proposed bill is a step backwards and does not reflect the work being done in Madison schools to support transgender and gender non-conforming youth.
“Any policy or law that is intentionally discriminatory or calling out a group of students who we value deeply is really hard to handle as a school district that believes in inclusive, equitable practices for all kids,” she said.

So who is Jazz Jennings?

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