Hate Bus Dogged in DC and New Haven, flees to Boston then Philly as Mayors raise Trans flag

Hate Bus dogged

Hate Bus dogged

After being banned in Madrid, shown the highway by New Haven PD, the Hate Bus arrives in Boston as the Mayor raises the transgender flag over city hall in solidarity.

hate bus dogged
Parody account

Speaking while the transgender flag was raised over City Hall, Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh said: “We are listening to our transgender community by making the city more inclusive.”
“It’s important for us to every now and then send a message, to let people know we will not be intimidated by discrimination or harassment.

“When you deny the experience of transgender individuals, you are denying the experience of basic human civil rights – in Boston and Massachusetts we are better than that.
“Together we are going to continue to fight intolerance with love and acceptance, and we will continue to fly this flag with pride in our hearts.”

The ‘hate bus’ tour began last year in Spain but it only lasted a few miles. The campaign organized under the umbrella “CitizenGo” group was reportedly financed by the DC-based hate group group “Family Watch International”, an offspring of the failed National Organization for Marriage or “NOM”. The Hate Bus operated by the catholic group “Hazte Oír” was garaged by police after it was observed driving aimlessly around Madrid with a message the officers identified as hate speech.

This video posted by hate group Hazte Oír seeks to discredit Spanish human rights advocates. But only serves to validate our insistence that trans rights are global and not up for debate. Not in Spain and Not in the USA.

The name ‘Hate Bus’ stuck as the NOM tries a toned down version of the Spanish bus on a tour of East coast cities asking for a “debate” about trans rights. These hate groups hope to reinvigorate their base after failing to stop marriage equality. They see transgender people as a target of opportunity, the weakest link in the LGBT community.

The Hate Bus was damaged during its first stop at the UN. NYC police are investigating contradictory versions of the incident as told by two “witnesses” from the bus.

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The hate bus didn’t stop in New Haven CT where planned the Independent reports , a wise decison.

Just in. Hate bus’s wheels don’t stop as Philidelphia LGBT people drive it away!


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