SGT Harriet Green to Testify Against the Texas Bathroom Bill

Harriet Green

Harriet Green

Meet SGT Harriet Green, who made history this April coming out as the first out transgender woman in the Texas National Guard. She is here waiting at the Equality Texas hospitality suite waiting for the State Affairs committee to convene so she can have her say about the latest Bathroom Bill, HB 2899.

This is a historic moment.

A local television crew has just left the room after quietly filming activities as a backdrop for the evening report.

The room is filled with activists from across the republic and there’s a tension that’s almost palatable.
A soft murmur fills the space as activists pass phones about sending messages to one another conveying an undertone of hopeful expectation, comradery, and even quite desperation. Those in the room know it’s do or die.

The trans community would have been virtually defenseless against the joint attack by religious demagogues and the governor’s office if not for our allies.

This is the third or fourth time in Austin in the space of a month for some of these people here.

They have unselfishly taken days off and family time to wait overnight to stand in front of legislators for the allotted 2 minutes, pouring their hearts out.

It is stressful and demanding on the body as some have traveled as much a 600 miles to speak.

It is now 6:45 and the House Legislature is still in session so we won’t move to the hearing room for an hour or more. And according to a message we just received the bill won’t be voted on tonight.

Harriet Green
Harriet Green and Nicole Lynn Perry working on their presentions

Sitting beside me a very attractive lady responds to my hello by introducing herself “Hi I’m Harriet Green.” Another advocate beside exclaims “hey I know you! Your Harriet! You’re the first out transgender person in the Texas National Guard. I saw your article in the Texas Standard.

The woman who recognized her Nicole Lynn Perry, a Marine vet, is also going to testify against HB2289 a ‘compromise’ bill which would strip transgender language from existing local ordinances.

“I’m going to Introduce myself as a currently serving national guard member,” said Sergeant Harriet Green. “I want them to understand that as a trans soldier transition is a critical component to serve as your best. The military regardless of the branch requires you do your best and knowing that you have support behind you as you take this steps is a massive weight off your shoulders.” SGT Green said. “Repealing these protective ordinances is a burden that trans service members don’t need to be added to their plate. It is really unnecessary.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I hope you gave them hell Harriet. Perhaps we will know as more information on this becomes available for Planet Transgender to report


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