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Happy Birthday Reem Sharif, our dear friend in Pakistan

Reem Sharif!
Happy Birthday Reem Sharif!

Happy Birthday, Reem Sharif! You are a truly amazing person. You gave us hope in the US as we emerged from the attempted coup by the fascist Trump. And you inspire parents worldwide to accept and love their daughters’ on their birthdays. It means that much.

So Happy Birthday, dear friend!

In May Reem Sharif accepted the role of transgender advocate with the Punjab Police. This was the first time this was done and she did it at the first and only woman’s police station in Pakistan.

“We are seeing more trans visibility on the police force like you, and in other roles too. You’ve started this which is an amazing thing how can we create more opportunities are there any amendments for trans girls in the academy where police officers get their practices,” wrote a friend on her timeline today.

This is amazing progress even for Pakistan which has distinguished itself recently as progressive, wrestling with patriarchial misogyny and systemic biases fairly.

Reem is currently working on her second Master’s degree. “Writing with extreme happiness, got admission today in my second Master’s dream degree in Gender and Women Studies. Thank you AIOU – Allama Iqbal Open University for offering free of cost studies for transgender persons of the country.

Reem Sharif’s job is for real. You might recall a month ago when a famous transgender model was attacked? Khwaja Sara Rimal Ali tried to get an FIR registered but the SPO near her wouldn’t help her. That’s when Reem stepped in and contacted her. Reem Sharif (L) invited her to come to Rawalpindi police in Punjab which is a suburb of Islamabad. Her Chief Police Officer (CPO) listened to Khwaja Sara Rimal Ali and took on her case.

They assaulted this beautiful woman, shaved her eyebrows and her hair off thinking that would cow her. They were ever so wrong due to the ever empowering Reem Sharif.

God Bless you and Happy Birthday Reem Sharif!

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender