Group Adopts I-71 in memory of Leelah Alcorn

Leelah Alcorn adopt a highway

Leelah Alcorn adopt a highway
Chris Fortin, 33, a gay man and 2001 graduate of Leelah’s school, Kings High, led the Adopt-A-Highway effort in Alcorn’s memory. For months after Alcorn’s death, he says he drove that portion of the interstate and watched a small homemade memorial sign for Alcorn go up, disintegrate through the winter and disappear telling

“I took that entrance to 71 South all the time. After that first happened, someone put up one of those rickety garage-sale signs, and as I would drive by, I would see that the sign was halfway off, then 75 percent off, then it was off the frame, then the frame was gone. And I thought, ‘OK, we’re forgetting what happened.’ ”
“If she hadn’t written in her note, ‘I want my death to mean something,’ I wouldn’t have felt as strongly,” said Fortin. “I just felt like something needed to be permanent and from ODOT.”

Although there may never be a Leelah law during the Obama administration you can lend your support and perhaps a hand by honoring that portion of the highway by helping to keep it clean.
Info on that at Leelah Alcorn Memorial Highway facebook page.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. What happened to Joshua Alcorn was a needless tragedy. This young boy was confused by the corrupt culture of those that have targeted Christians for their destruction. Joshua needed mental health treatment but was denied by these corrupt people who only cared about exploiting Johsua’s illness for political gain. At the same time, these same people sought to ridicule those that truly cared about Joshua, like his parents and his church. It’s time for us to stand against these hate mongers that made Joshua Alcorn so destitute that he took his own life, devastating his parents, and siblings. Boycotting and protesting evil men like Dan Savage would be a good start. God Bless you Joshua, God Bless you Mr. and Ms. Alcorn! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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