Greg Abbott meet Finn a transgender child who committed suicide due to your work



Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov Dan Patrick and Representative Ron Simmons, meet Finn a child you are at least partly responsible for murdering.

Finn’s mother gave permission to her friend, also a mother of a transgender child, to publicly share the image and story of her transgender child and his tragic suicide on Facebook.

“This handsome young man is Finn. He just finished 8th grade and received an award for kindness, courage, integrity and wisdom. He looks like any of our children. He could be any of our children. The only difference being that he recently died by suicide.”

“Like many transgender people, including my daughter and many individuals I care deeply about, we live in a society where the words ‘different’ and ‘scary’ are synonymous. Ignorance fuels cruelty and religion serves as a convenient excuse to ostracize those who have the courage to be themselves…we see it happen everyday. I have stopped sharing it due to the frequency I see it, but perhaps I should share every instance where kids like Finn are subjected to political maneuvering, hatred, and cruelty. Perhaps my fatigue of sharing the negative truth has led to complacency in myself and others.”

“Please protect trans kids. Finn was doing well. He had a loving and supportive family. He just started his first job. He was only a few years older than Conner. And now, his family is shattered and heartbroken. Speak up for Finn. Speak up for Conner. My love and support may not be enough for her. She needs the world to be a better place. Make it a better place. Finn’s family has given us permission to tell his story-a heartbreaking and lovely gift so that moms and dads can implore you to understand that we are not enough.
We need you.”

I want the Texas authors and supporters of Bathroom Bills to see the fruit of their labor.

I want these people to understand how their bathroom bills magnify transphobic stigma exponentially making life unbearable for Finn and many young people like him.

I want people to understand that Finn did nothing wrong. I want it known that there has never been a single instance of a transgender youth infringing on anyone’s personal space in a public place.

I want to help Finn’s mother live with the pain of losing her son. I want our living transgender kids to know that we will be in Austin fighting these transphobic people to our last breath.

I want you to know that we are doing this so your last breath won’t be because of a Governor who pretends that he is protecting children while knowing full well he is killing those he hates.

One of the biggest studies on the experiences of transgender people was the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS).(2015 survey link Above)
It found that in the U.S., 41 percent of transgender and gender non-conforming people had attempted suicide, compared to a national average of just 4.6 percent. When all of the data were analyzed, however, researchers found a number of factors that significantly influenced whether a person was more likely to attempt suicide: being a person of color, experiencing poverty, being unemployed, achieving less education, being out or more easily perceived as transgender, experiencing housing discrimination or especially homelessness, experiencing harassment or especially physical or sexual assault, being rejected by family, or facing discrimination in health care. In other words, the more forms of discrimination transgender people experienced, the more likely they were to attempt suicide.

A brand new study from Canada confirms this effect. There, the suicide attempt rate for transgender people was similar to what other studies have found: about 18 times higher than the general population. But the study found that some factors greatly reduced the attempt rate. For example, when transgender people had affirming parents, the rate dropped by 57 percent. Access to legal documentation consistent with their gender identity dropped rates by 44 percent. Trans people who experienced low levels of anti-trans hate were 66 percent less likely to attempt suicide. And perhaps most importantly, the further along individuals were in their transitions — i.e. the closer they were to having a body and outward identity that matched their internal gender identity — the less likely they were to attempt suicide.

Texas Gov Abbott, Lt. Gov Patrick and Rep. Simmons having read this article I am sure you will see that you are causing our children to commit suicide.

Rep. Ron Simmons is ready to file two different versions of what is likely to be the most controversial measure that lawmakers will debate during the special session: restricting where transgender Texans can use the bathroom.

Simmons, a Republican from Carrollton, told The Dallas Morning News yesterday that he will file one proposal that will mirror a bill he filed that failed during the regular legislative session — an expansive ban on transgender bathroom use — and another that would apply only to public schools.
“I am going to file two versions. One that just does schools and one that does political subdivisions,” Simmons said Tuesday, adding that when Gov. Greg Abbott officially notifies the Legislature of his intent to hold a special session, “it will be filed within minutes.”

If you haven’t read this Mr. Simmons choose to ignore it or are a cold blooded killer, we will know when you submit your bathroom bills as you have said you are.

Just keep this in mind. There is no excuse for ignorance now.

Heidi Winn Bousquet has a gofundme for Finn’s burial expense wrote this:

My name is Heidi Winn Bousquet.

It is with great sadness that I write this to you today to share the news of the passing of my dear Finn who left us unexpectedly and to ask for your assistance.

The Funeral Service is Friday, June 23rd, 2:00pm at Behner Funeral Home & Crematory 203 S Main.
Be advised that it is an open casket. Finn looks beautiful. The cremation following the service is for family only.

The Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Finn Winn Bousquet will Saturday, June 24th at 9:30 am in Maharishi School’s Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium.

We are asking for any help you are able to give us in order to help us provide Finn with a proper memorial service and cover all the high costs involved. Please share this immediately with friends and family whom you feel who like to help us and those who would like to attend either or both services and join us as we celebrate Finn’s life.

Finn was a wonderful, caring, person with great talent and love to give and share. He will be missed by all of us who knew him.
Thank you for supporting me and my family and for your assiatance large and small during this difficult time.

Below I am including a copy of the speech that Finn made at his 8th Grade Graduation. We should not lose sight of his great progress this year and all the love and support he received…and appreciated.

Thank you again for your support from me and my family. Love, Heidi

Finn’s Graduation Speech

“I reached excellence this year by working hard, but also taking my emotions and well-being into account. This as a result has, lifted a weight of several tons, off my shoulders. I have continued to be diligent and ambitious, while not burning myself out.
For my entire life, I have felt insecure about my appearance, my safety and my worthiness. I have struggled to present myself as the person that I truly am, and in my own personal best form. I feel 8th grade has helped me blossom and move towards happiness, fulfillment, personal success and safety. I can trust that I will get through hard times with resilience, perseverance and integrity.
Before I started this journey, I found public speaking and speaking in general to be very challenging. I was afraid of judgement and that nobody cared about what I was going to say. English Language Arts has helped me overcome this fear, but also to learn to tame it when it does come up. Part of our homework was to read for 30 minutes, and when we finished a book, we had to do a book review. This is basically a presentation where one talks about the book under five key headings and end with a personal recommendation. This assignment was especially frightening for me because I had to speak in front of the entire class of 11 people including the teacher who grades the presentation. But, as a result, more was gained than lost. Over the year, I have become increasingly more confident when speaking in front of a crowd, and I hope that the audience enjoys it too.
This year has taught me so much, and I am eternally grateful for everyone in my life. I really appreciate everyone’s support and acceptance, that has kept me going through these tough years. I am the Little Engine that could, because I have a supportive community who got me thinking, “I think I can, I think I can.”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. It’s absolutely horrible that this happened. I’d like to express my condolences to the family and the fact that this unspeakable hatred will not go unpunished, in whatever form it takes. The future seems brighter than the past simply because stories like this are out there and these people are more humanized and real than ever. Perhaps one day we’ll wake up in a world where this will never happen again. Until then we’ll fight.

  2. I truly hope that Gov. Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ron Simmons are held accountable. Especially Dan Patrick because he has been documented numerous times spewing hate speech toward the transgender community. The man is seriously mentally ill and has no business in a public service position, much less Lt. Gov.
    As for sweet Finn, rest in peace my little brother, God’ s blessings are upon you.


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