Greek transgender woman Dimitra Kalogiannis victim of hit and run

Dimitra Kalogiannis
Dimitra Kalogiannis

Transgender woman Dimitra Kalogiannis, 64, was missing seven Weeks before the police began searching for her. In Greece, Silver Alerts are normally issued within 72 hours after an elderly person has gone missing. But due to the transphobic state bureaucracy, her paperwork was rejected out of hand because of a minor technicality.

Her name was Dimitra the feminine version of Dimitris meaning “devoted to goddess Demeter”, the Greek goddess of grain and agriculture.

Dimitra was found shortly after the state was shamed into acting. She was found dead, an apparent victim of a hit and run. She may still be alive if there had been rules in place requiring the state to begin searching for victims regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Update: reports that the driver of the car that hit Dimitra has been arrested.

Dimitra Kalogiannis told her parents at the age of 14 that she was a girl. Her revelations were summarily dismissed and she was institutionalized.

Unknown to Dimitra, her family secretly began giving her psychotropic drugs which inhibited her functioning and thought processes. These drugs did her immeasurable harm since they were coupled with invasive and traumatic conversion regimens.

The Greek Reporter wrote that Kalogiannis was ping-ponged from chronic incarceration in clinics and years of being fed psychotropic medication to adjust the chemical makeup of her brain and nervous system. These medications were recommended to her family to treat her “mental illness” -declaring herself a female although she has the physical anatomy of a male. Fast forward 40 years and society has finally understood that gender identity and sexuality are not conditions to be fixed.

Dimitra took care her parents as they grew older on the small island of Lesvos just miles from the Turkish shore. It was becuse of that location and the influx of refugeess traveling through Turkey to Greece that we know of life and death. Her plight drew the attention of the international reporters who made two short films about her.

This past December cinematographer Tzeli Hadjidimitriou uploaded a video of the interview she conducted with Kalogiannis in her home in Lesvos, titled “Mr. Dimitri and Mrs. Dimitroula.”

To get a full feel for what happened please read the Greek Reporters article ““Marginalized, Victimized Transgender Greek Found Dead”.

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