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Gosh Dang It, Zoey Tur, apologize!

Zoey Tur
The infamous Ben Shapiro, Breitbart’s editor-at-large threatened by Zoey Tur on the Dr. Dur Show.

The transgender agenda is being hijacked by tabloids, well-intentioned allies and Zoey Tur.

Glancing at Zoey Tur’s Twitter account its strikes me that such a high-profile mainstream media reporter has only a thousand followers. There’s a reason for that. Zoey Tur’s views and performances on tabloid media does not settle well with many, if not most transgender people.

Planet Transgender has covered Zoey Tur’s coming out from day one. My admiration of Zoey Tur as a sister journalist quickly turned sour as she first bashed Caitlyn Jenner for creating a transition media circus on of all places, TMZ to outright disdain when Zoey Tur called the trans woman at Planet Fitness a “cross-dressing fetishist”, with an eye roll no less.

However, egregious Zoey Tur’s views have been I respected her right to them. I just didn’t like her being given a national platform to express them. But her behaviour on the last tabloid media broadcast seen by millions was unconscionable.

The Dr. Drew producers sat the unpredictable Zoey Tur and Breitbart’s editor-at-large Ben Shapiro next to one another for a reason. They knew that Ben Shapiro would say things to purposely infuriate Zoey Tur hoping she would respond. They got their wish. Ben Shapiro filed a police report for battery. Zoey Tur was owned, the puppet of corporate media once again.

Zur played right into their hands when she placed her hand on Shapiro saying ‘You Cut That Out or You’re Going Home in an Ambulance’. And less than 48 hours afterwards Zoey Tur doubled down retweeting her approval of “curb stomping” Shapiro.

Zoey Tur

Zoey Tur then unbelievably tripled down on AM 640 which had her on as a guest. Zoey Tur said she could understand if someone thought her action was threatening but defended it by saying she gave the obnoxious man a ‘love hold’ and likened her action to turning a delinquent child “over her knee for a spanking.”

Gosh, dang it, Zoey Tur.

We know you mean well, but you are going to pay for that threat, and so is the rest of the trans community.

The vast majority of trans people believe in non-violence and lead our lives accordingly. Violence only begets violence, We know from experience that non-violent activism be it social disobedience or activism from a keyboard has been key not to the trans community acceptance but the whole LGB people’s advancement as well.

One well wishing ally, also with mainstream media commended Zoey Tur for threatening the Breitbart editor on the LA Times writing You go, girl: Zoey Tur gets aggressive with a bully from Breitbart News which, of course, found an immediate response from Briabert using their customary hyperbole.

The transgender agenda is indeed off the tracks. When anyone of us who are in the public eye allows anger to control our lives and our response to hate we have failed and are no better than the haters. By doing so, we hurt the community at large.

I urge Zoey Tur to apologize, not for being baited by the obnoxious hate monger, but for your response. It may not save you from legal actions but doing so just might inspire you to be a bigger person and help us get back on track.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Leah Peters if anyone is a moron its you, you bubblheaded bimbo. Turn threatened bodily violence AND gripped the guys neck. Shapiros disrespect was in calling Tur ‘sir’ , Tur’s reaction was threatening real harm and grabbing him. If your too stupid to see that Tur needs to apologize and instead of tripling down needs to show some maturity then you are part of the problem.
    Idiots like Tur hijack our cause and movement. If you are too stupid to see that go F*** yourself and let the adults do the talking. Kelli you are right on the money, thank you for showing the world the proper response to hate.

  2. Zoe is one of the “awful” Trans people out there.
    She seems to think that she is the arbitrator of who is and who isn’t trans.

    This was on display on another Dr. Drew show he had her on.

    News Flash, Zoe Turr isn’t the best of the trans community and personally I think she IA an embarrassment to most.


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