Oscars Skit with Tracy Morgan doing TransFace A Massive Fail

#GMA #DanishGirl #Oscars Tracy Morgan #TransFace Skit #Fail

#GMA #DanishGirl #Oscars Tracy Morgan #TransFace Skit #Fail

Last night during the Oscars Good Morning America tweeted one of the most transphobic skits since the ‘Estro-Maxxx’ debacale. It involved actor Tracey Morgan doing a low-brow transface parody of the Danish girl, timed for maxxx exposure during the controversial awards ceremony.

The skit was offensive on so many levels, Tracy Morgan is not transgender not to mention the trans community is already highly upset with Hollywood for it’s white/cis lies about our history in the Danish Girl.

Let’s put this into context. What if I, a white privileged female had appeared in a blackface skit last night? Regardless of my intentions, I would be crucified and rightfully so.

Transgender people were not mentioned in the GMA Yahoo write up this morning….

Heading into the Oscars, it was a given that host Chris Rock would address the lack of diversity among the nominees in a funny way. With one of the opening skits, Rock did that and more, in what is guaranteed to be one of the most buzzed-about moments of the night.

In the skit, Rock re-shot nominated films using black actors. Whoopi Goldberg kicked it off with a parody of the film “Joy.” In her scene, she was mopping up behind Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, urging her to “say something.” Also featured in the hilarious skit was Tracy Morgan in “The Danish Girl” and Leslie Jones as the bear in “The Revenant.”

But You Just Got To Make A Stand. Until then no one will take your race or gender seriously.

Planet Transgender posted the first response. We kept it simple.

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