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Say No 2 by Florida Red and Blue

Help us defeat the so-called “Marriage Protection Amendment” to the Florida Constitution that will take away important rights from ALL non-married Floridians Say No 2 urges voters to Vote No on Amendment 2, which will be on the November ballot. Amendment 2 is also known as the “same sex marriage ban” amendment, but it’s really […]

A Universal Response to Bigotry; Crews Inn Protest

Protest at Crews Inn; a Universal response to bigotry Protesting indignities forced on a class of people has drawn together the community of Dallas Texas on Tuesday evenings at Crews Inn. The desire to demonstrate against oppression unites in a way no other can.The passion and dedication being shown by people of all ethnic backgrounds […]

Dallas Texas a great place to be LGBT

I am able to tell potential visitors to Dallas Texas COME’ON DOWN!! You are welcome here in Texas. Inside of Dallas City Limits you are protected by law from discrimination in public accommodations, workplace and housing based on an individual’s real or perceived orientation as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. Click the logo on the […]


Tommi Avicolli-Mecca explores the fallout of the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) inexplicable unanticipated and morally reprehensible actions as it acted in collusion with Congressman Barney Frank to remove gender expression as a protection under the doomed House Resolution 2015 (HR)2015 while simultaneously claiming to be supportive of a gender inclusive ENDA (HR)2015.

Unfocused Hot Hetreo Mess

Focus on the Family found itself having a westboro baptist moment after being challanged to put up or shut up.The unconsiounable methods employed by “Focus on the Family” exposed this groups real agenda, that of espousing hate and bigotry while maintaining a facade of decency. Focus on the Family co-founder Gil Alexander-Moegerle offered a public […]

The real Focus on the Families silent Transgender

Enda has shamed and discredited American politics and the Human Rights Campaign. The transgender advocates who speak in this video for equal rights for all Americans are the VOICES BEING HEARD. I applaud Kalil Cohen and his vision. HRC’s Marty Rouse states that in order for ENDA to be seriously heard in congress it has […]


Who ya gonna call? tranny busters!Do you find your human rights org being constantly pestered by the constant itch of transphobia?Who ya gonna call?Insure your human right to dine in elegance! Call the trannie busters!Slap those pesky gurls in jail and let the Gala begin!This is the apparent action of HRC after learning that the […]

Laura Ingram and Fox TV at WAR(warbeeaatch)

Laura Ingram and Fox Tv at war (WARbeeaatch) By Kelli BuseyFebuary 9,2008 http://planetransgender.blogspot.com/ Laura Ingraham in this video broadcasted on FOX TV attempts to bully and intimidate CODE PINK’S Medea Bejamin. This defies all standards of broadcast decency and the principles of free speach. Laura Ingraham is in the absence of armed men demanding silence, […]

Gainsville FL Transgender Debate Draws croud

Transgender debate draws crowd By MEGAN ROLLANDSun staff writer 11:57 pm, January 28, 2008 City Hall was buzzing Monday night with both protest and support for a proposed city ordinance that would include gender identity as a class of people protected from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation. Continue to 2nd paragraph The auditorium […]

Organizations Establish Pride Coalition – Gay newspaper Gay and Lesbian online newspaper including, Local, National and International NationalGayNews.com

Eight Austin Organizations Establish Pride Coalition – Gay newspaper Gay and Lesbian online newspaper including, Local, National and International NationalGayNews.com http://www.aglcc.org/75/strengthen_the_community.htm