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Adam Lambert fans send trans kids to camp

Glambert Angels

A group of Adam Lambert fans known as “Glambert Angels” has taken transgender children under their wings. We need to become the wind under their wings.

A while back Glambert’s Angels founders wrote to Planet Trans hoping we’d help by telling their story. And then they wrote again. And again. Yet she persisted. Intrigued, I began to investigate and discovered an amazing tale. It’s the story of how Glambert Angels went on a search of the LGBT community looking for those most in need. This is how they discovered the Trans Youth Equality Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, and their Trans Youth Summer Camp Scholarship Fund. But it’s not about the Angels, they obviously don’t want it to be. In this age of narcissistic heartless politicians, this lends a much-needed contrast. There are good people out there.

So why Adam Lambert Fans? “Light, Love and Hope”.

Trump’s rescinding of Obama’s transgender school directives was too much for the founders, they felt compelled to act.

“We wanted to do more than retweet Adam’s tweet,” wrote Glambert Angels founders. “We wanted to do something significant to show our support for transgender youth. By helping TYEF provide youth with scholarships to attend their Trans Youth camp, we feel we’re actually taking action and doing something to show Trans youth that we do stand with them – that we support them. We believe that sharing “Light, Love and Hope” is something we can all do to support those in need – this is a huge part of the fabric of Adam’s fandom.”

Transgender people may recognize Adam Lambert by his music or by his selfless act of turning down a transgender role so as open the role for transgender people. That gesture was no small deed as it was for the lead in the remake of the Rocky Horror Motion Picture Show which was eventually given to Lavern Cox.

“I kind of felt like in 2016, to be cis and playing the role of a trans character, it felt inappropriate to me.” Lambert said “In the ’70s, it was different. But nowadays we have such an amazing conversation that’s started about trans and gender in this world. I think casting Laverne [Cox] was so brilliant. It’s so appropriate, you know what I mean?”
The singer added, “You know, I thought to myself, my friends that are trans — how are they going to feel about casting a non-trans person saying, ‘I’m a sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania?’ It’s dicey. I think they made a really bold, refreshing choice on that. It’s very forward-thinking and it feels very right now, which is going to make this remake really interesting.”

“So I said no, but when they started announcing the cast, I said, ’Wait a minute — what about Eddie? I wanna play Eddie! I could do that — that’s like one song. Let me just come in and do a bit part!”


Seriously, what’s not to love about Adam! I commented to the Gambert Angels that I admired Adam for being a stand-up type of guy to which they responded.

“Yes, you are right – Adam is a stand up kinda guy! The majority of his fans tend to be the same way. Somewhere inspired by Adam’s example and some of us were, like Adam, born that way 😉 All 3 of the Glambert Angels founders were drawn to Adam back in 2009 because of his talent – what drew us in, even more, was Adam’s kind, generous and caring heart – his bravery and honesty.”

It costs $250 to enrich and possibly save a trans youth’s life. I know money is tight. Heck, it is for most of us. Glambert Angels aren’t getting any help promoting this from any of the large LGBT groups or media. So won’t  you please chip in what you can to help these kids? Donations are made at the TYEF 501(c)3 website. Please let them know you are an Adam Lambert Fan by putting “Glambert” in the comment section. Click here to donate.

But I wanted to learn more about these amazing people who care so much about transgender. I asked if they are they members of the LGBT community to which they said.

“None of the 3 founders of the Glambert Angels identify, as gay – however, we have been active advocates of the LGBTQ community for many years – my advocacy and volunteer work in the LGBTQ community dates back to 1989. 2 of the founders are mothers, and as mothers, they empathize with parents of LGBTQ children and care about LGBTQ children. I am not a mother, but I do work with children and I feel the same Adam’s fans have been gifting his music to LGBTQ Youth and other various organizations in the USA since the release of Adam’s 1st album in 2009. In 2015, we expanded our effort to include LGBTQ Youth organizations globally. In speaking with our contacts at the organizations that support LGBTQ Youth, we have learned that obtaining support in the way of donations is something they have always struggled to obtain. Susan at TYEF has told us that for organizations that support Trans youth, it’s an even tougher road for them. This plays into our choice of supporting TYEF as our 1st project as well.”
Glambert Angels

“We received an email from TYEF’s Director, Susan Maasch yesterday,” said Gambert Founders. “TYEF are so very happy with the results of our project thus far. As of yesterday, donations from Adam’s fans have provided 3 full camp scholarships for their youth. We are well on our way to providing a 4th scholarship! Susan told us that donations to TYEF by the general public are down quite a bit this year. TYEF’s wish is that all youth that have applied to attend the camp can – every child matters. Some of the applicants have parents that can afford the cost of sending their child to camp, some applicants receive partial scholarship funding. However, some parents although desperate for their children to attend the camp, just can’t afford it. For instance, two of the children don’t have parents in their lives, and one child only has an elderly grandmother on a very limited income. TYEF are grateful for the support of Adam’s fans, and so are we.”

“This camp experience provides the children with so very much. TYEF’s Summer Camp runs from June 30th to July 2nd. The kids are invited back to the fall camp in October. Susan says that during the summer camp, the children meet and make friends. Many of these children do not know any other Trans children. After the summer camp session, the children face the new school year with so much more confidence – they feel relieved and happy. At the fall camp session, the children talk about some of the difficulties they faced with the new school year in regard to bullying and “bathroom issues” etc. They talk about their worries and fears. The children also share their successes and good experiences.”

Glambert Angels Website, and on Twitter as @Glambert_Angels.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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