Girls scouts return $100G transphobic donation have raised 1/4 Million #ForEVERYGirl

Girl Scouts are #ForEVERYGirl

Girl Scouts are #ForEVERYGirl


The Girl Scouts of western Washington were so happy when they got a $100,000 dollar donation. It was intended to help 500 girl Scouts, but it came with one provision. The donor said it couldn’t be used for transgender scouts.

So the Girl Scouts launched a GoFundMe campaign Monday only looking to replace the original donation. They wanted very badly to show the world transgender girls are welcomed, and in fact, Girl Scouts are #ForEVERYGirl.

But they got and are still receiving is a phenomenal outpouring of support currently at $250,000.

This is truly amazing and empowering Girl Scouts are #ForEVERYGirl.

“Recently, we received a $100K donation to help 500 girls participate in Girl Scouts. However, when the donor asked us to guarantee that the money wouldn’t be used to help transgender girls, we gave the money back. Now, we’ve launched a grassroots campaign to raise back this $100K! Help us by donating, spreading the word, and showing the world that Girl Scouts is #ForEveryGirl”

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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