Girl! Is the Trans Community making a spectacle of ourselves?


GirlI have a post in the waiting which slams Netflix’s ‘Girl’ sight unseen. It’s full of links justifying my rage at what I perceived (again)sight-unseen to be a cisgender promoted violence-laden perversion of the trans narrative.

But that post remained a draft after I read the response penned by the real-life transgender muse whom “Girl” was written about.

All that trans woman Nora Monsecour asked was that we waited respectfully until we watched Girl before forming an opinion about it. As much as I hate giving NetFlix a view, it’s the least that I can do for a sister. Or not?

We were not popular when Planet Transgender took on the 2010 ‘Ticked Off Trannies With Knives” without seeing it first. Interesting to note that both movies are cutting centric and that we might not have a populist view in cautioning against prejudging ‘Girl’.

I didn’t want to add to the Girl feeding frenzy but…I was sucked in like a fish to a cigarette butt..

My comment on “Trans Narratives” elicited a response from the page owners telling me to “enjoy the spectacle”.

The  New York Times share I was responding to “Is a Film About a Transgender Dancer Too ‘Dangerous’ to Watch?” hadn’t actually taken an anti ‘Girl’ stance but questioned it rationally. But you would have to actually read that post to know that.

When the NYT author spoke with Monsecour, she sounded tired of having to defend the film. “I know what the truth is, and ‘Girl’ is my truth,” she said.

She also said the reactions surprised her. “The words people have used to describe ‘Girl’ came close to my heart because the scenes they are criticizing are scenes that I had in mind during my transition,” she said. “To criticize Lukas for portraying those things made me think, am I the only person who had suicidal thoughts or was bodily focused?”

As she has noted before, Monsecour said the scissors scene was fiction, not biography. “That didn’t happen to me,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to do that.”


FFS! “Girl” is now the first thing you see when you google search Girl!

One thing for sure, if the producers are evil self-promotional stable geniuses, they have successfully pawned us, and have gotten massive free hype for their efforts.

The producers and directors were given the option to edit out the shower scene in which Nora cut off her penis. They opted to keep that scene intact reportedly weighing the response from North American viewers and transgender critics visa vie the commercial appeal. “The version of Girl that will be shown on Netflix will be the same version which premiered in Cannes, and in theaters in Belgium and in other parts of the world,” said Belgian director Lukas Dhont.

They Gambled.

If they had removed what has been described as Trans Trauma Porn “girl” would not have been so inflammatorily controversial. But it follows that “Girl” wouldn’t make anywhere near the bank that they were hoping for.

They Lost? Maybe, maybe not.

According to NYT Girl was set to stream beginning Jan. 18 but has been moved, probably to the spring, according to Netflix, which declined to comment further.

Maybe some more hype. Who knows. I do know I might cancel NetFlix after I watch or not watch this. Jeesh, I’m making a spectacle of myself.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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