Georgian Transgender Activist Sabi Beriani Murdered and Immolated

Gregarious and gracious, Sabi appears in the 2011 video below

Geogia attack you post video

Sabi Beriani appeared on  “Profile” on TV station Rustavi2.

Trans activist Sabi Beriani, appeared on TV often making her prime target for Russian fermented transphobia was murdered and set on fire in her Pekini street apartment on November 10th.

The police are investigating this as premeditated murder, although many factors point to it being a hate crime. Georgia has just enacted enhanced penalties for transphobic hate crime, but TGEU condemned the new law as “Toothless.”
The local transgender group იდენტობა | Identoba published the following statement saying that the police should consider its a hate crime, but doubt that they will do a thorough investigation.

The local transgender group იდენტობა | Identoba said in a published statement, in part, that the police should consider it a hate crime, but doubt that they will, because they don’t value trans lives.

Identoba, regrets the incident, expresses condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased, and if you wish, offering them a full range of legal and psycho-social services, protect their interests during the investigation stage as well as in the courts.

Also, Identoba asks any person who may have information in connection with the incident, which could help the investigation, contact the law enforcement authorities or Identoba at the telephone number 230 5614. Your Privacy will be guaranteed .

The Youtube description:

Published on Nov 11, 2014…

11.11.2014 Tbilisi, Georgia

A 25 y.o. transgender Beka Beriani with Nickname “Sabi” was killed yesterday evening (10.11.2014) in Pekini Street 14, Tbilisi in his Flat. The murder(s) set up fire in flat after they murdered Beka.
In 2011, whenn he was 20, he was as a guest in one of the TV show “Profile” in TV station Rustavi2.

თბილისში,10 ნოემბერს, საღამოს პეკინის 14-ში ლგბტ თემის წარმომადგენელი – ტრანსსექსუალი მამაკაცი ბექა ბერიანი ზედმეტსახელად საბი (საბრინა) საკუთარ ნაქირავებ ბინაში მოკლეს და კვალის დაფარვის მიზნით ბინაში ცეცხლი გააჩინეს. მეზობლებმა სახანძრო ღამის 12 საათზე გამოიძახეს, როდესაც სადარბაზოში კვამლი შენიშნეს. შსს ამ დრომდე კომენტარს არ აკეთებს. მიმდინარეობს გამოძიება. შეგახსენებთ ეს არაა პირველი შემთხვევა საქართველოში ლგბტ თემის წარმომადგენლის მკვლელობისა. პირადად მე ვფლობ ორ სხვა ინფორმაციას გასული წლებიდან. ერთ შემთხვევაში მკვლელობა მოხდა ცირკის მიმდებარე ტერიტორიაზე, მეორე შემთხვევაში კი ერთ-ერთ პრესტიჟულ სასტუმროში,სადაც მოკლეს საფრანგეთის გეი მოქალაქე.

В грузии убили трансгендера.

11.11.2014 Tiflis. Georgien,
Am Montag Abend, 10.11.2014 wurde in Tiflis, Pekini Strasse 14 ein 25 jahriger georgier, Transgender mit dem Namen Beka Beriani in seinem gemieteten Wohnung mit Messer geschlachtet. Die Täter zündeten danach Feuer in der Wohnung um Spuren zu löschen und schlossen die Tür von außen. Erst um 12 Uhr Mitternacht riefen die Nachbarn Feuerwehr, als Sie den Rauch bemerkt haben. Polizei gibt keine weitere Details bis jetzt.

Russia is fighting Georgia’s EU integration by fermenting hatred against trans and gay people.

April 30th 2014 a transgender woman was attacked which resulted in her intestines spilling onto the pavement. She and her friend told the InterPressNews the police came but stood around “laughing at us”. The Georgian Journal, a local publication reported a wholly different story saying the police intervened but the injuries suffered by the trans woman were self inflicted. The Georgian Journal also said that the transgender woman attacked journalists who arrived to report on the crime.

Pro Russian Orthodox members tried to get a transgender woman to organize a fake pride parade. The planned pride in 2014 had been canceled after they had been attacked by Russians in the previous years. The trans woman broadcast the Russians calls on air and they offered her a passport to Kazakhstan for ‘protection’ but she didn’t accept realizing she would never be heard of or seen again if she had.

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