Genitalia Addled Texas legislature is Killing Us

Genitalia Addled Texas legislature
Genitalia Addled Texas legislature
The Hand Maids were out in force on the first day of the Texas Special Session

Transgender children are the most vulnerable of all, and this genitalia addled Texas legislature is exponentially adding to their grief.

The Texas Legislature in special session is like a half broken horse being dragged by Dan Patrick to a hanging tree where they can drop another transgender teen in the dirt.

But how did we get here? How did this moderately conservative Texas government become so immoral? How did they get to the place where their actions cost the lives of transgender teens?.

Ask Dan Patrick, the henchman.

Or ask any of his executioners like the six House Freedom Hangman Caucus Republicans from my neck of the woods in north Texas: vice chair Bill Zedler, R-Arlington; Secretary Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington; Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth; Mike Lang, R-Granbury; Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving; and Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford.

Greg Abbott, meet Finn a trans youth from Oklahoma who just committed suicide. Your bullying is at least partly to blame.

Gregg Abbott says he’ll out Republican legislators who oppose him on bathroom bill legislation effectively ending their political careers.

Genitalia Addled Texas legislature

Representative Stickland, the Hangman’s enforcer, said the session’s most important bill is a property tax cap, but he wants the bathroom bill passed too.

“Pass ’em all,” he said during a House recess Tuesday.

“We’re the ones who wanted to get to a special session and pass bills.”

When Fort Worth Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy asked him about Republicans stalling the bill.

“This place is full of a bunch of people who vote one way and lead another,” he said.

“There are a lot of guys here who already have an opponent [in the March party primary]. They’re paying a lot more attention, I promise you.”

Abbott promise to “out” moderate Republicans was actually a veiled threat to replace those who don’t toe his radical line. Abbott is aware of how Patrick became president of the Senate and must be known as the most vehemently anti-trans of the two if he’s to survive a possible election change by Patrick.

The Texas Tribune reports that between 2011 and 2017 an already conservative Texas Senate shifted even further to the right. The total number of Republican senators increased by only one during this period (from 19 to 20), explaining very little of this shift. However, 14 Republican senators were replaced by fellow Republicans, and each Republican successor was more conservative than his/her predecessor — most, significantly so.

Apparently, Representative Joe Straus’s position as speaker of the House may be in jeopardy. Straus is the lone power broker to oppose the bathroom bill on moral principles. But it looks like Dan Patrick’s arm twisting has broken the moral backbone of more than one moderate. It has been reported  that an overwhelming number of House Republicans want Straus removed as speaker during the special session.

Joe Straus was elected unanimously as speaker of the House at the beginning of this Session.

But when it’s all said and done, who’s hands would the blood of our children be on? Not Greg Abbot or Dan Patrick. They have no shame.They just do not care.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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