Gender gifted São Paulo citizen Gabe Kowalczyk attacked again.

This time they tried rape too.

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Brazil’s co-sponsoring and defense of the UN resolution condemning violence against LGBT people didn’t help Sao Paulo’s resident Gabe Kowalczyk.

If anything this incident illustrates the disconnect between intent however commendable and reality. Brazil ranks number one with 95 transgender murders mourned last TDOR and remains one of the most dangerous places on earth for transgender and gay people.

On the 25th of September 2014, three men beat Gabe and attempted to rape him in broad daylight on a busy street.

This wasn’t the first time he was attacked. (Gabe identifies as male on Facebook) However, this time we have pictures and published articles. reports

Gabe Kowalczyk is a skinny boy, female traits and compridão hair, which draws attention and you know it. Understand that look is inevitable and not bother to look. The problem is that few people, especially men, are content to look. Are rare days in his life in which you don’t hear an assault of the kind: “Friend, come here” or “Oh, bitch!”

Gabe after the attack

Gabe posted these pictures after the attack on Facebook

Thursday (25), the photo he posted on Facebook has a worse story. He was persecuted, beaten and suffered a rape attempt by three men who said this: “You want to be a woman So now will catch up as a woman?”. “I woke up a 6:15 in the morning and changed because he had a job interview. Put the cap on his head, but the hair is great, always gets a little coming out and always someone messes with me,” he says. “I went down a couple of streets down from my house towards the bus stop. Had not gone or 300 meters when I realized I had three guys walking behind me. When I kept her head down and hit the step to get the fastest possible to Miguel Yunes, a busy avenue where I could run somewhere. was 10 feet from the avenue when they kicked my leg and knocked me down. Fell flat on my face, all grated. got a nose ring and he curled in somewhere and hurt me much I tried to turn around and a more chubby guy turned my body and the three began to give me kicks and punches while speaking:.. ‘His tail, his ridiculous, wants to be a woman then you will catch neither woman’ My body was so bruised I tried screaming and moaning just came out. ”

Gabe Kowalczyk was assaulted in the street by three men
Then they made a move to rape him. “They pulled my belt and dropped my pants while talking:. ‘Now you will get as a woman” One of them was lowering his trousers too. The cars passed and no one came down to do anything. But suddenly had a drive in a house close to where we were and they raised speaking: ‘Moio, Moio’ and left saying: ‘Not just no, you’ll get what you deserve.’


“I got up and went to walk to the police base, where I fell on the floor. The police picked me up and was very attentive, put me in a car and took me to the ER. Had mild head injury, chest injury and stomach and dislocation in the two ankles. ”

It is not the first time that Gabe suffers violence. Had occurred at the beginning of the year, in the same neighborhood of Interlagos. “I find my boyfriend and four junkies who had already moved me came back. They were with a stylus and started beating me, they wanted to stick to my belly. I struggled to extricate myself from them and they dug the stylus on my leg, I was a horrible scar. tried searching, asked around and no one had seen.


I went to a police station and told him what had happened. The policeman said: ‘What do you want me to do?’ I said, ‘Do your job’. They did not give me any assistance, my dad picked me up and took me to the emergency room, where I took 4 points and many remedies. Was a time when neurological observation, because I was confused, dazed, without remembering right what had happened because of the knock on the head. ”

“Fortunately my family gives me great support, all are very loving to me. My parents have always respected me. I need enough courage and they give me the support necessary to take all the courage
Luckily, Gabe has full family support. Lives with her father and her boyfriend in a home he shares the yard with the house of an aunt and a cousin. The mother does not live with them, but is also a great ally of the child. “My family fortunately gives me a lot of support, all are very loving to me. My parents always respected me. Enough courage I need and they give me the support necessary to take all the courage,” he says.

These videos that Gabe Kowalczyk posted on facebook say a thousand words.

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